Today on the blog: A look around the retro houseblogger universe to see what folks are getting into. Frecklewonder aka Jenny and her DH are just starting to nest in their new-old 1960 ranchy-modern, and I think she just discovered the blog. Look at these gorgeous bathroom floors — and there are more delights, too.  See more of “Camp Freckle” on Jenny’s Frecklewonder Blog.  Continue on to see what’s up with 7 more retro housebloggers –>

Leslie’s husband Tim built these kitchen cabinets — woah! Read about their home and renovations on their blog, Mid Mod Redo.

Martina is very handy — she built this little office in a hall closet. I am always fascinated by folks who can actually get these projects done. For more photos and info, check out her blog, My Mid-Century Modern Life.

Misadvadventures: Liz the Adventuress explains how they forgot to plan for the swinging door when installing new ceramic tile. The tile was too thick… so the door scraped against it and couldn’t open inward. Oopsy! There was a happy ending, though — find out on her blog, Split Level Adventures.

vintage formica 

Sad news… with some sweetness, too:  Cara’s grandfather died, and she and her father were working together at the house. Her Dad found these vintage Formica samples tucked away, and knew that Cara would treasure them. Cara, I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather. What a lovely memory to have of your grandparents’ place. It’s interesting: Whenever I get interviewed by reporters, they always ask why midcentury homes continue to grow in popularity. One of the reasons for sure: We have such fond memories of our grandparents’ homes, which often are of this vintage.  Read Cara’s wonderful story of the discovery on her blog, Our Arts & Crafts Home.  

John and Diane have posted a catalog of the Paul McCobb Planner Group. Parents owned a lot of this furniture, and had saved the brochure all these years. Jump over to their blog, Rancho Tostado, where the photos are scanned in big enough to enlarge and study.  

Amanda and her DH are renovating a 1958 ranch home in Texas. What I grasp from this post is that they tried to stain their concrete floor, and it was a disaster. So instead, they found these tiles that have a stained concrete look, at an awesome price, and installed them. I think that in warm climate, in particular, tiled floors can be great. See more at Amanda’s blog, Eastridge Redux. 

Mr. Modtomic reports that he waited 11.5 hours to snag and hold his first-in-line place at an estate sale. You read that correctly: 11.5 hours.  See his haul here. And, he cites a post by me as encouraging him to load up a boatload of photos from various estate sales in recent month — woah, this is a fun one!. Mr. M, your dedication to the cause is impressive indeed.

Way to keep workin’ it, Retro Renovators!

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  1. I LOVE the mosaic floors!
    My old house bathroom used to have it and I always liked the ‘softness’ effect it gave to my bare feet 🙂

    Today, the economic value of an house with such precious details is much higher on the market…so the owner should be grateful to have it 😉

    Thanks for sharing and ciao!

    1. Ann-Marie says:

      My new 1962 split level has mosaic floors in both bathrooms! Everyone oohed and ahhed when we saw them. They are in fantastic shape, too. This house has never had kids living in it, which has helped to preserve it.
      Unfortunately, the two corgis and the sheltie are not going to do it any favors…

          1. Ann-Marie says:

            Oh, yeah. That’s how I did it…late one night when I couldn’t sleep.
            Thanks, Pam. You saved me. Plus, that image was probably copyrighted, and i was breaking zillions of laws by using it.

  2. Tut says:

    Those Formica chips are AMAZING! That pink/orange one on top is so cool, as are the tiny mosaics. Formica patterns need to get back to this type of thing.

    1. Ann-Marie says:

      My dad used to work for Consolidated Papers in Wisconsin Rapids, Wi, the parent company for Durabeauty/Consoweld. We always had rings of samples to play with when I was growing up.
      Wish I had one of them today.

    2. Jeanne says:

      I agree! I recently went to the formica site to look at samples and couldn’t believe how bland and lack of color choice. I think we’re all part of the movement to change that. 🙂

  3. Cara says:

    Whoa oh! The pressure is on as I see my Formica. I hope no one is judging grammar, my photography skills or the lack of speediness in my home projects!

    Anyone not offended by awkward photography do check out my grandparent’s pink bathroom post too.

    Pam, thanks for the lovely note. I’m just hoping I don’t get too sentimental and end up bringing home their entire house. I have to pass along some of it to others!
    I’m looking forward to checking out everyone’s stories when I get home. Otherwise my 10 min break turns into 45 mins…

    1. 52PostnBeam says:

      Cara your formica samples made my day. They’re jewels. I have the original “boomerang” counters that came w/my 1955 Republic Steel cabinets, and never knew the proper name until I found your sample : white skylark. I say take the bathroom floors and vanity if you possibly can!

      1. Cara says:

        teehee, I’m not too concerned. It just seems I triple check and then go back and see I completely misspelled a title or something.
        I’m already taking all of that “old” “used” furniture. I better refrain from dismantling the bathroom or else my family will label me “crazier than originally thought” It is a stretch to say any new owners will appreciate it. Maybe they will? Maybe I can tell them how someone will haul it away for them if they post it on the forum here 🙂

        I’m glad everyone is enjoying the Formica. It does make me envious of the days when counter tops were more than just gray or brown.

  4. jenny says:

    whoo hoo! thanks for sharing, pam! and such a fun bunch! love that formica, oh my.

    and, yes… the pressure is on now… good thing i work well under pressure 😉

      1. Ann-Marie says:

        That’s so true. Everyone keeps reminding me I have plenty of time to do what I want with my home. It is in great shape to move in right now. All it needs is a fence in the backyard to keep the pooches from running off.
        The rest is gravy.

  5. Jackie says:

    Those Formica samples are wonderful! Ah, back when people actually did not fear color in their homes… Note that even the “gray” Skylark is bursting with color! No greige!

    Once again, let’s all join in a chorus of “Please bring back the Linen pattern!” The French Blue Linen is my dream counter.

  6. cynthia says:

    her apron is a retro fabric, too…reminds me of the wallpaper and matching fabric my mother bought for the kitchen in mid 70s. that kitchen had white wood grain laminate cabinets, yellow laminate counters, harvest gold appliances, and yellow linoleum tile flooring.

  7. Sabrina says:

    Hey!! That swatch right on the top of the Formica swatches– The one that says “Calypso Red– Nassau”– that’s our kitchen countertop pattern, original to our 1957 mid mod! Only ours is in shades of yellow and mustard! How exciting! Now I know what it’s called! I think I spot our exact countertop material about 10 swatches in.

    Unfortunately, the kitchen has been “updated” with a separate cook top and wall oven (used to be a freestanding range in there per blueprints) some time in the 90s, and this update means that the already very snug kitchen has 2 patches of usable countertop space, each approximately 2 linear 2 feet each, so the kitchen will have to be redone to meet the demands of a family of 5 with a mom who cooks daily (usually more than once). So the very cool vintage Formica will be lost. We already have 2 rolls of aqua boomerang in the garage ready to go for the remodel (thnaks for the heads-up on that one!).

    Thanks for all of the amazingly cool stuff you share with us, Pam!

    1. pam kueber says:

      be sure to see my comment in my Big Box from Big Box Store post – relaying Formica’s instructions how to store your new stash so it doesn’t go brittle.

    2. Corrine says:

      “Calypso Red-Nassau” is in my kitchen now & I HATE it. I came across this page looking for ways to cover it. It is so ugly…and PINK. Ugh.

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