Cleminson wall pockets, plaques and other pottery — great kitchen collectibles

Carrie had fun collecting Cleminson wall pockets for her retro kitchen renovation — and now her hard-working family has a happy, colorful place to settle in and eat hearty. I collected a set of three Cleminsons when I was renovating my kitchen, too — they are right above the stove.  These are real sweetheart collectibles, there is just something about them. The lovely piece above is $65 BIN.

cleminson wall pocketAbove: A classic Cleminson, $28.35 BIN on ebay.

cleminson-pottery-wallpocketAbove: Another classic, starting bid is $9.99 on ebay.

Oh, you know I have this one, as coffee is my LIFE. Even before this blog! $40 BIN.

This is a FANTASTIC ONE! Cleanliness is Next to Godliness, $21.89 BIN.

Switching from wallpockets, how about this lovely queen of hearts creamer — appropriate for today: Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  $19.99 on etsy, from thetoadhouse.

Cleminson wall plaques. Opening bid, $9.99 on ebay.

Oooooh, a Cleminson’s string holder. This piece is pricey, bid sitting open at $47.95 on the bay.

This one doesn’t look like the other Cleminsons. I wonder if it really is. But it’s about coffee AND hillbillies, and I like both. $14.95 BIN with expensive shipping.

Haha, a hangover cup with icepack lid. $39 BIN.

There are a couple of Cleminson designs that talk about the house being mortgaged. I need this! BIN cup for $14.95.

But, woah, look at this: A Cleminson Pinocchio toothbrush holder! Does life POSSIBLY get any better than this? $45 BIN.

  1. karen says:

    Once again, I learned something new from this blog! I do have a nice collection of California pottery from various makers, but had yet to discover Cleminson!

  2. Melanie says:

    I have a couple wall pockets around somewhere. Nothing so cute as hillbillies though. And I’m not sure who the maker is. After reading this post I have to ask myself why I don’t have my wall pockets hanging in my kitchen.

  3. dale says:

    When I was a kid we had a fantastic ceramic mammy figure hanging in the kitchen – her apron was a notepad and her ‘broomstick’ was a pencil that you inserted. Wish I still had that. I also love the plaques that look like they are made out of some type of cast pot metal, usually painted black with accent paint. They always had hillbillies, a moonshine jug, a busty woman and featured sayings like ‘If you’re so damn smart why ain’t you rich?’ Then there’s the wooden plaques with the sort of saw toothed edges….

  4. Marta says:

    Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you for this post, Pam! I don’t know what it is about motto wall pockets, but I love them so much! Coveting the string holder in a major way, but my wall pocket ceiling is $20, so I’ve never won any on ebay as the shipping usually puts even a low bid over that.

    I’m also a big fan of Buzza mottoes, but they prefer my dining room. The embroidered and cross stitched samplers have gravitated to the living room. Thankfully, the $20 cap extends to all, so my collections are small.

  5. Evan says:

    Hi all Cleminson Lovers,
    I’m glad someone else loves them as I do. I see this is an older post, but still relevant, I think. I have a large collection myself. But now, I’m tasked with finding new homes for my sister’s collection. Anyone interested, contact me.
    The cuteness factor is off the charts with Cleminson!

  6. pam kueber says:

    Hi Evan, I love my Cleminson, too. Re selling your sister’s collection: No buying/selling here on the blog or it becomes chaos. EBay and etsy.com likely your best bets to find these happy new homes. Good luck.

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