Vintage Geneva kitchen cabinets spotted in a Target commercial

vintage geneva kitchen cabinets spotted in a target commercial

Another first for the blog and our Retro Renovation journey: Last night I spotted vintage Geneva steel kitchen cabinets in a Target commercial. Don’t they look fantastic! Continue on for the close-up and more play-by-play commentary —> 

I think the countertop is some variety of solid surface material — a very sleek, modern look. And, I’m guessing that is an Elkay double drainboard steel sink, or perhaps there are other brands – Franke, or something specifically for commercial use — I say that because the bowls are huge.  Anyway, I am divining great meaning into this TV commercial: Vintage steel kitchen cabinets are heading into the main$tream of collectibility. Hope you got yours while they were still super duper cheap.

geneva metal kitchen cabinets in a target commercial

P.S. yes, we watch the Vampire Diaries in my house. It was late when I spotted these and grabbed this photo (and tortured my co-watchers with my screeching and reversing and pausing repeat four times to get to the correct frame, and then the running for the camera and the snap snap snapping.) Perhaps when I have more time, I will get a better photo dead on. haha get it? vampires? dead on?

  1. Carol Cameron says:

    Please forgive me if this has already been discussed, as I am new to the forum, but it appears that Fillip Metal Cabinet Co. was sold several years ago. Their website is still online but nothing’s been updated since 2008 and none of the links to contact them work. I was going to order their kitchen cabinets and get formica tops with the old-time wide metal edging, and add my own retro-style chrome pulls. 🙁

  2. pattyoscar says:

    I actually talked to them on the phone. This was more than a year ago, though. The gentleman I spoke with said they were still family owned. Then number i have is 800 535 0733. The email they gave me is fillipcmf@aol.com they said they sell directly to the consumer and no middle man. I would have ordered right then and there, but the opening on the sink base would not fit my new (old) sink and they dont make any other sizes.

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