48 hour flash contest: Win a “Love the House You’re In” collage featuring your house

love the house youre in collage copyright retrorenovation dot com

It’s time again to enter to win “Love the House You’re In” custom collage by Mel Kolstad. Her latest creation — for last month’s winner, Stacey — is above. Isn’t it amazing…? Imagine what she could do with your house — it’s easy peasy to enter….

To enter this month’s contest, leave a Comment answering the question:

What color paint (or wallpaper design) is on your kitchen walls right now? Optional: Are you happy with it?  Please read all the rules here before entering, they all apply.

Just like last month — this contest rewards regular readers, because I’m only leaving it open for 48 hours. I’ll pick a winner on Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, here is what Mel had to say about her latest creation: 

Look at this little gem of a house!  When Stacey sent me the photos, I knew instantly how I was going to create the collage.  The house and the surroundings have a very “ecclesiastical” feel to them – that’s the only way I can describe it.   There is just something so peaceful about this place, which is why I used the calming greens and browns to highlight the house, along with the “overcast” sky.  The tiny stones were a wonderful challenge to recreate, too!   So there you have it.  I don’t want to play favorites but this house was REALLY REALLY fun to do!  😀

Thank you, Ms. Mel. You can experience more of Mel’s world at her blog: Ephemeraology

  1. Lexine Pranschke says:

    This contest was posted just as we were celebrating 34 years in our house. A few years after we moved in we remodeled the kitchen that was about 45 years old at the time. We couldn’t save the yellow ceramic tiles and ended up with Z-brick on one wall. The other walls are painted china white. We have tried other colors over the years but have always come back to this.

  2. CindyD says:

    Our kitchen walls are green – called Ryegrass (BEHR paints) which looks so beautiful against the amber-honey wood window trim and baseboards. We have white Genevas and a medium brown quartz counter – sorry, I’ve always wanted a solid surface, which I feel may help ‘save the cabinets’ when another owner comes along (once they drag me out of here). The walls are ready for their 4×4 white tile backsplash with green mosaic liners. I’m so happy with the way it’s all turning out! Every time I look at it I know it was the best thing we could have done with the kitchen.

  3. Jnnfryts says:

    walls are lemon yellow…not so happy with the entire kitchen yet…want to redo but with all other projects am low on the $$$…..sigh

  4. Patty says:

    The kitchen in our 55 yr old hip-roof ranch is painted in Valspar Belle Grove Light Amber~semigloss..It has a soffitt around the whole thing and that as well as the ceiling are all painted the same! It’s a beautiful warm yellow and I carried that into the dining area (which used to be divided from “kitchen” by a peninsula type counter; which had to be removed. The kitchen & eating area are now tiled in brick like vinyl..The dining area formerly was carpeted like the living room. So we kind of opened it up and transformed it that way. Ugly white cabinets; I rue the day I decided on white..The dining area and (also the living room and hallway) are painted the same (Belle Grove Light Amber) but in Satin finish. The kitchen has a coffee theme with vintage coffee cans, cups and repro vintage coffee poster!

  5. Ali Bahler says:

    Dear Pam,

    I would love to have a collage of my groovy little round house! From the front it has been described as the mushroom house, the cement yurt, and the flying saucer. A really fun outside the box kind of home.

    I think it looks like a yellow vase with giant pine trees coming out of the middle, and whimsical flower petals scattered across the front grass lawn….the cement steps playfully curve from the sidewalk up to doorstep instead of straight to the round curved door.

    I can’t wait to get some curved retro furniture to sit in front of the fireplace soon!

  6. Stacey says:

    My kitchen walls are a bright lemony yellow. I painted them this color last summer as a birthday gift to myself.

    I chose the color at Home Depot one day. I wandered past the Martha Stewart paint chip display and one of the yellows jumped out at me. I picked up the chip and looked at the back to see what colors it would coordinate with. One of the colors was a lovely soft jade-y seafoam-y green…the exact same color as my kitchen’s counters. It was fate…kismet. I decided that instant that my kitchen walls simply HAD to be that color.

    The counters are not the originals but almost everything else in the kitchen is. The house was built in 1957. I think the pastel green counters and bright yellow walls really “go” with the house’s retro vibe. I love my kitchen walls!

  7. Trela S says:

    As I am currently living with my mom at her house (which I grew up in) and taking care of her (she has late-mid stage Alzheimer’s), I guess I’ll have to use her wallpaper in her kitchen. This is the only wallpaper that I can remember being in her house. It is a beige background and in the foreground the colors are blue, green and brown. The blue, green and brown are worked into groupings of kitchen items like copper bowls, spoons, bread, fruit, vegetables, squashes, salt and pepper shakers, lettuce, grapes, bottles, etc. There are way too many things to name but this is a representative list of some of the things on the wallpaper. You would think that, listening to this list, it would be gross – but it is not. It is tastefully done and is a great complement to the overall look of her kitchen. The cabinets are a natural, knotty pine and are also original to our small but lovely kitchen. I think that the overall look is great and we like it so much that it hasn’t been changed in 50 years.

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