MOMA’s kitchen exhibit: Live tour with curators Juliet Kinchin & Aidan O’Connor

There’s less than one month left to visit the Museum of Modern Art’s, Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen. With my current detour to Kentucky, I am not sure that I am going to make it to New York City to see the exhibit. But, I enjoyed a virtual visit via this live walk through with curators Juliet Kinchin ad Aiden O’Connor. It continues to be fascinating to be in the middle of the resurgent interest in mid century design, including the more mainstream, domestic sphere. MOMA’s kitchen exhibit ends May 2.

  1. Heart says:

    I really appreciated this video! Wherever did you find it? LOVE the virtual museum tour with the curators as guides. Looking forward to their next Retro exhibition. Thank you Pam!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Thanks – I was all over this exhibit when it came out. I am particularly interested in Grete Schutte Lihotsky, creator of the famous “Fitted Kitchen.”

      1. Heart says:

        I heard about the ‘fitted kitchen’ when I was in school. Interesting engineering for the domestic front. I remember thinking how many sizes would they have to have for different size people before the averaging. (lol I’m kooky like that)

        I’m curious about the Italian kitchen on the pedestal. It’s so condensed, it looks like it could fit on a gypsy wagon. I would love to learn more about the original concept on that! What was their intention? How would it be used? Was it designed for a contest? or for travel? small spaces? Curious…

  2. andrea says:

    and I would love to have a pair of the ‘Vegetebull’ and ‘Don’t Cook the Nutrients Away’ posters for my kitchen!!!!!

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