The perfect white paint for mid-century house interiors: Share your favorites & upload photos

perfect white paint for a midcentury house trimWhen I chose a white trim paint color for my Mom’s bathroom, I was under immediate pressure and admit: I found a teensy chip, “Alabaster White,” that looked “good” in the Sherwin-Williams midcentury paint colors brochure that I had sitting in the kitchen. The color turned out okay — fine for a ceiling actually — but it was to brite for the trim where sunlight hit fully. I am not a fan of brite whites inside the house, they hurt my eyes. So this made me think: Readers, what are your favorite whites for interior walls and trim in your mid century or vintage-inspired homes? Choosing whites can be sooooo anxiety-producing.

ralph lauren off white paint color oatmeal

Two photos above: Dave and Kristin used Ralph Lauren Oatmeal for their lovely Louisville living room. They even admit, they had to try about 15 colors. I tweaked the exposures, etc., on these photos for the blog when I posted them initially. You’re always gonna have to put up a sample in your house. But: I think I would like Ralph Lauren Oatmeal and would definitely give it a try. Plus, I really trust Dave and Kristin — those two have the eye.

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