Two sources for Danish modern furniture legs


Here is a new product that should be of interest to Do-It-Yourselfers looking to update a vintage sofa or maybe to create a midcentury styled stand for the big flat screen TV: Mid century Danish modern style furniture legs or “bun feet.” These have just been introduced by Classic Designs by Matthew Burak. They are made in the U.S.A. — available in eight species of wood — with a starting price of $6.50. You can also order taller sizes to your specification.

Interestingly, I could not find any other modern wood furniture legs like this when I searched online. Two years ago, I did this story about  modern furniture legs available at Lowe’s. But, I do not see these on their website, and I know nothing about their origins.

You’ll also need the metal brackets to attach the legs. One style let’s you attach them “straight.” There is an alternative design, to attach them “angled.”

I’m kind of surprised these are not more widely marketed. Good on you, Matthew Burak for jumping on this niche for supplies to make mid century modern furniture. <– Link to his site.


Waddell legs on Amazon. You’ll have to peck around for sizes. Note the different, brassy foot.


Reader Jerry also has commented that Waddell Mfg has been making Round Legs like this for decades — he found them on Amazon.  Disclosure: I added the code so if you buy from Amazon I get a little spiff — helps pay the blog bills!

Finally, as another alternative idea for DIYers looking for an even  possibly cheaper solution: Watch for inexpensive pieces of furniture that include authentic modern feet designed and manufactured back in the day, but which are otherwise not worth keeping or using immediately. Salvage the vintage feet for another use. In fact, there looks to be a pretty good little market on ebay for such pieces.


  1. Nathanael Kitchen says:

    So what is the code so you can get credit for the blog if I order Waddell Pam?

    1. pam kueber says:

      If you click on any of our affiliate links to Amazon and buy via Amazon we get a spiff. But if you order directly via Waddell, no. Do whatever makes sense for you!

  2. Nicholas says:

    I live in the UK and I am finding it very difficult to find round tapered wood legs like this. Can anyone help?

  3. Sarah Potts says:

    I used the waddel legs and plates to make a bench. The problem is that the plates failed after a year of very light use. The legs are great but the plates to attach them don’t hold up.

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