Dave makes a George Nelson-style platform bench using Matthew Burak legs

george nelson style slat bench

Following up on yesterday’s story about where to buy mid century modern style furniture legs, Dave — who is a professional woodworker — made this beautiful George Nelson-style platform bench, also called a slat bench. You will recall, Dave is the genius who added stunning modern-chinoiserie paneling to the walls of his 1959 split-level home. This man is talented! He writes:  

platform bench with legs from matthew burakHey Pam, I made a 50’s style slat bench using those Matthew Burak legs a few months ago. I thought I would send you a picture. The legs were great. I called and special ordered the 14″ length, which was quite expensive (it just about doubled the price of my order). However, when I called the woman who took my order made the upcharge very clear and asked if I wanted a stain grade or paint grade leg, which insured that I recieved a really nice looking maple leg. I think one of the big selling points is that you can get this leg in variety of woods. I may use some walnut legs in the future.

slat benchFabulous — thank you for sending this photo in, Dave. Everyone has a place for one of these, don’t you think?

Dave also pointed out to me that this bench is really a mix of various design elements — in the George Nelson “style”, but with many differences. You can also read more about George Nelson and his original, 1946 platform bench here. The bench is still made by Herman Miller and is for sale on their website or from other retailers. To be sure, an iconic piece that has spawned a gazillion variations.

  1. Jana (Berniecat) says:

    you are so talented and your attention to detail is wonderful! I really enjoy pictures of your home and your work! Great work!

  2. Alice says:

    Nicely done Dave! But I think Pam needs to set up a separate site for the ELITE and TALENTED retro-renovators like yourself…I feel like such an under-achiever between your wall panel and now this! 🙂

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