Malena makes glamorous black lacquer wall panels out of Acurio Lattice “Circles”

black lacquer panels made from acurio latticeMalena saw my story about the mid century modern style lattice now available from Acurio Lattice, and she created these glamorous black lacquer wall panels using the Circles design. It sounds pretty easy and looks fantastic. Malena writes:
black lacquer wall panel from acurio latticeWe moved into our 1982 1 1/2 story stone house in Oklahoma in February and immediately knew I wanted to do a rustic retro glam style. (The house provides its own rustic with the wood trim and stone work inside and out.) My dad made the 8 foot farm table for me, that crystal chandelier is from the 1950s, those chairs (once brown) are Drexel from 1966 (stamped on the seat bottom) which I painted red-orange. It’s an open floor plan, so on the other end is my living area. The house already had a lot of geometric patterns with all the wood trim and beams so I decided to add circles anywhere I could. I’d been wanting something to bookend the space visually so the Acurio Latticeworks circle lattice worked well as art panels for the walls. Thanks so much for that tip! They were WONDERFUL to work with. The corners were so bland before!
vertigo movie posterThe inspiration for the dining room seat covers swirl is borrowed from the Vertigo poster (1958) which hangs in our “movie theater-styled” hallway.
mid century modern wall panel in living roomOn the living room side, I recently found the 1960s Chromcraft swivel scoop lounge chair on Craigslist, and the TV sits on two mid century buffet tables with a piece of black marble added on top to make it look like one big piece.The circle lattice panel definitely dresses up the corner. With three sets of french doors (used to be sliding glass but the previous owners replaced them, darn it!)  the views are all trees, so it definitely has the feel of a nature-loving MCM home. It’s been fun renovating it. Thanks for your fab site!
I asked Malena how much the panels were and how she painted them. She responded:
Acurio recommended I buy them through Home Depot for cheaper shipping, but I did a change order at Acurio to get the size I wanted, 24×72. and the Circles pattern, which is not listed on the Home Depot site. They were $40 per panel, I believe, plus shipping. They come ready to paint. I spray painted them with black lacquer, and it was a bit challenging getting the insides of  all the circles, but I wanted that sheen to it. They do come in different colors, but I wasn’t sure what color I wanted to paint them until I set them against the wall.
wall panel in the hytatt regency sarasotaFunny — while I was on vacation I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Sarasota (among other stops). I noticed a similar idea in place behind the check-in counter (far right, above, against the flamingo pink wall). Here, the panel is placed horizontally — it runs quite wide.
Great job, Malena, your rooms look gorgeous — you have the touch for sure! Thanks for sharing! Read more about Acurio Latticeworks and their panel designs here.

  1. aj says:

    if you want to use outside I definitely recommend the 1/2″ thick, but you have to order from the Acurio company via freight. I bought the square to replace the standard white diamond 1/4 pvc panels on my deck that had warped though only 4 years old.

  2. Marion Powell says:

    Hi Pam,
    While browsing on line at home depot I came across Acurio lattice panels. There were several styles. And they are by Acurio. Thought readers would like to know.

    However, I still don’t have my panels ordered because the screening for my porch is giving the contractor trouble. Told him to take his time since there are not many (any?) mosquitoes around in November.

  3. Marion Powell says:

    I am so excited about this post! I read it yesterday and immediately checked out the website.
    After 15 years of indecision, we are finally adding a long desired screen porch. We had already contacted the builder and had a tentative plan and cost figures.
    He came over today and I hit him with those Acurio panels. I will be incorporating a few in our porch. He is optimistic about adding them to the south facing screen panels.
    If anyone clicked the link for Fun House Designs, they’ll know why I just have to have at least a couple of brackets (squirrel or rooster?) and if DH has pity on me, one of those unbelievable screen doors.
    Thanks, Pam, for all you do.

  4. CindyD says:

    Malena, your home is beautiful! It looks very comfortable with a spicy kick – I love it!

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