72 sizes and finishes of globe shades for 1960s and 1970s style globe lights

1960s style globe lights shadesMany moons ago, a readers asked me if I knew of a source for globe light shades with a satin — rather than glossy — finish. At the time, I hunted and pecked but could not find. Now, however, a source of these orbs (get it? moon…orb…globe?) has revealed itself: MyLampParts.com to the rescue again. In fact, they have 72 varieties of globe light shades including:

  • amber globe lightA wide selection of widths — from 6″ to 18″ round…
  • Many finishes —  a glossy opal white, satin white, satin white crackle, clear, smoked, amber, amber ice, amber crackle, ribbed white, and several decorative prints…
  • There all seem to be hand-blown…
  • They are all glass (other websites may show plastic, be sure to check)
  • They also come with necks for a fitter, or “neckless” if you want to keep the orb pristine.
  • Prices? A 10″ satin neckless globe — looks just like the one installed in my bedroom in 1969 — is $49.28.

  1. Ladd Chase says:

    I tried to find a contact number or email address to ask if you have 9 or 10 inch smoked globes with a 4 inch fitter for screws. From another post it looks like you don’t actually sell anything on your site.

    1. pam kueber says:

      I don’t sell anything here. You need to contact the company(s) that we write about. There usually are hotlinks to their websites in the stories — look for the brite blue bold text, that’s a hotlink.

  2. Kate says:

    Hello, I am looking at your glass gloves that you can use for light fixture shades. I am having trouble maneuvering through your website. How do I purchase one? Thank you!

    1. pam kueber says:

      We do not sell anything. In the stories, click through the links to the sources. Links are in bright blue.

  3. Robert Shumaker says:

    I’m looking for two lighting globes. 12″ diameter; 4″ fitting, smoked glass. Similar to your SL41412 except smoke glass, not clear. Couldn’t find a contact phone number to contact you.

  4. Kiya says:

    Ha! I had no idea these were ’60s or ’70s style! I just bought a pair of white globes from IKEA for $20 each. Geesh, I’m retro even when I don’t mean to be.

  5. Laura says:

    ReStore ReStore ReStore! The one in my area (Fox Valley-IL) has globes all the time. $1 a piece. OFTEN they have the mid-century light fixtures as well.

    I’ve bought them to use as garden whimsy decor…..

  6. Nina462 says:

    I was just at my Salvation Army today and saw 3 sets of globe lights (2 sets had 4 globes each), the other was a swinging globe.
    You might want to check out the Restore as well.

  7. duki says:

    Yea! This is so great, I shattered the globe shade for my ceiling fan into a thousand itty bitty pieces a little more than a year ago. I was afraid I wouldn’t ever be able to find a replacement in the right size. Thanks to you Pam, I think I just did!
    Your the best!

  8. Nina462 says:

    Menards might be your place for more globes. I had these lamps in my 70’s condo. I had to replace them in order to sell it – but I remember shopping at Menards for replacement globes at one time.
    I wonder if the person who bought my old condo still has these stored in the garage? (I put them on a shelf in the garage – I did not throw them in the trash). The kitchen lights were globes that hung down & the hall lights were up high – all globes. Good luck.

  9. FAB! Now my question is, where do I buy the hanging stuff? I LOVE the globes we have but the hanging equipment is a bit too decorative for my taste. I want simple. Do you know?

    1. pam kueber says:

      meghan, this i do not know. as i was looking at these, i though: “How can I create my own” and agree – the hardware on lampsplus is not quite right. I have this on my list to research…

    2. pam kueber says:

      Oh, and I should clarify: This story today started with the focus on Replacement Globes and where to get them. You can also buy globe pendant lights new. Rejuvenation’s is one place you can go for a complete built-up light — their “Sfera” comes in 8″ or 16″ globes. You can also buy these globes from Rejuv as replacements, on quick look, prices look competitive. I was planning to do a follow up story on Globe pendant lights (complete) you can buy today — keep an eye.

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