vintage-style-ceiling-fixture-diffuser-shadeWhere to find a shade for my vintage ceiling fixture – including those you can set into pulldown fixtures like these vintage Progress lights? A popular question recently – and reader Skyla has found a great resource – This place has shades — they actually seem to be called diffusers — in a variety of widths and some pretty groovy designs, too. Price is pretty reasonable. You might also check your local Re-Store/Habitat for Humanity… at mine they often have complete fixtures for as little as $3 – you might want to buy one just for the shade.

Click here for the diffuser page at this also seems to be a goldmine for all other … well, lamp parts, as well. Thank you, Skyla, for your ace retro-detective work!

  1. Barb Scott says:

    Don’t forget about local Goodwill and Salvation Army resale shops! And, we found a very good PINK ceiling fixture at an antique mall for a very reasonable price (less than $5.00)!

  2. Elvis (aka) Jane says:

    Cool! My local re-use store (The Rebuilding Center, in Portland, OR) has pendant lamps without shades. I always passed them over because I thought I’d never find the right shade to fit. This is a great resource!

  3. JSK says:

    Thank you so much for the link. I’m about to move out of my ’50s-era apartment, when a friend helping me move broke a light fixture! However, I’ve been able to order what seems to be an exact replica of the one broken from (it’s the one featured in the smaller photo above). Thanks for saving me from an expensive run-in with my landlord!

  4. Cecilia Leon says:

    I found just what I was looking for on that page, but the shipping is more than double the price of the diffuser. Currently debating whether it’s worth it or not.

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