Beatrice West color-designed Caloric appliances – NOS pink set – for sale

pink caloric appliances new old stock by beatrice westReader Nancy has just listed her New Old Stock (NOS) pink Caloric kitchen appliances and sink on ebay. You can snap ’em up for $9,499 plus shipping, or take your chances and negotiate. If anyone here buys these, I need to hear about it, so’s I can do a follow-up story once they’re installed. Good luck!

(link long gone)

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  1. BlueJay says:

    It looks like the set sold and then got split up 🙁 That is really sad, given that these were color coordinated to match…

    1. Amy says:

      I’m with you. One one hand I might feel that it was the trasher’s loss, but on the other hand, the article says it’s a neighbor.

      I wouldn’t be able to look at them with a clear conscience knowing I made that much money off something they gave away. It’s one thing to not know the person, but if I had to drive by their home every day, I’d probably feel compelled to offer them at least a small cut of the profit.

      1. Amy says:

        On reviewing the original article, I see that the neighbor died and her son was dumping the contents of the house. Even so, I’d probably still feel just a little guilty.

        If it had been me, though, I would’ve kept them for myself!

  2. TappanTrailerTami says:

    I wish Nancy luck, but knowing the psychology of bidders…..I don’t know if she’ll get any bites with the opening bid that high, but who knows!

    They are certainly one of a kind since they are NOS and will look fabulous in someone’s lucky kitchen.

    Bonus: I don’t feel so bad now about my $1000 Westinghouse Roaster Oven and Stand that was new in the box. Just picked up the cabinet stand from being repaired from the shipping damage. It looks new again. Well, it looked new when I got it if you didn’t pay attention to the dents they put in it (thanks Fed Ex).


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