A counter-depth, side-by-side, Energy Star refrigerator in white — good design potential for a midcentury kitchen

B22CS50SNW bosch side by side counter depth energy starThis looks to be a good refrigerator contender for a midcentury modern kitchen: It’s the Bosch 500 Series model B22CS50SNW and it has a number of features that I really look for: Side-by-side… counter-depth… Energy Star… in white. The only thing I don’t like is that ice-maker in the door… and while a lot of folks will balk at the $2,500 list price, (1) I’m guessing you can wait for a big sales event and get it for significantly less and (2) it’s still gonna be cheaper than the Sub-Zero.

Why do I like these features?

  • Side-by-side — I really like a side-by-side for a small kitchen — less door to have to wiggle around.
  • Counter-depth — I like counter depth for similar reasons: Midcentury kitchens tend to be small, non-countertop depth are so honkin’.
  • Energy Star — is good. I don’t think we had Energy Star available in side-by-side units until recently
  • White is classic. Note: This refrigerator also is available in stainless steel.
  • Free-standing — You can build it in, or not.
  • Design — The lines are modern – yes, like the Retropolitan and my Sub-Zero, more Jetsons than Donna Reed.

I have not seen this puppy in person — I wish I could see what that white exterior is made of. Nonetheless, from the website photos and description, it looks like one to consider if you’re doing a kitchen remodel or need a new fridge and have the space to work with. Link: Bosch B22CS50SNW counter-depth, side-by-side, Energy Star, white refrigerator.

  1. Pat says:

    What is mid-century about that design, I don’t see it?
    By the way, counter depth refrigerators are really SMALL! I bought one because of space issues and I still have to use my old refrigerator in the basement for lots of stuff. Never again.

  2. Pat says:

    I have a Kenmore that is very similar to this. I would never buy another counter depth unless I had to (which we had to in order to fit in our kitchen). It doesn’t hold enough and we have to have a backup fridge in our basement. (and there are only 2 of us using it!) I am so glad they are FINALLY making flat surfaced fridges again. I refused to buy those wrinkled front fridges, not only are they ugly, but the surface attracts dirt!

  3. Marcheline says:

    Sorry, all you side-by-siders and stainless steel lovers. For me, there’s nothing on my retro kitchen horizon but a BIG CHILL. There just isn’t anything hotter for keeping things cold than that baby!

  4. raisedranchkid says:

    Anyone buying a new fridge or getting rid of an old one should check with their utility company to see if they offer any rebates. Con Ed (NY) is currently advertising that they will give you $50 if you get rid of an old fridge, and they’ll even haul it away.

  5. Chutti says:

    Ah, COUNTER depth….
    We searched high and low only at Sears (because we had a credit) for a fridge for our new old house that looked retro.

    That GE Chris linked to was the most retro looking I saw beyond the Big Chill and Smeg. Unfortunately, it had poor reviews (freezer tube issues?) so we passed on it. Agreed that the ice maker is not a look (r function) for us.
    Had hoped to find a retro-style fridge we could ‘antiquify” like our last Frigidaire from Sears. Here’s the last one hubby painted with Auto Enamel (left over from the 1956 Buick):

    Wound up with a Kenmore French Door with bottom freezer in white. It is by FAR the largest fridge I’ve ever owned. Not scaled for retro in any sense, which is an unusual departure for us. Gotta say we LOVE having room for my obsession with asian condiments and bizzare frozen meat substitutes, and it works great.
    Our bills went down $20/month!

    We got a smoking deal at the Sears Outlet-who cares about a scratch in the back? -but it is really too deep to look retro. Love everything else we’ve done to get my dream 1930’s kitchen. I’m shooting for that See’s Candy look. You know-we’re modern and hygenic, but homey. Something in counter depth would definitely be scaled more appropriately.

  6. Pat says:

    I like the fridge, I have a Sears side by side that looks very similar. I don’t see what is so retro about it though. By the way, these counter depth fridges have VERY LITTLE freezer space, especially with the ice maker/water dispenser. I have to use my extra side by side in the basement for it’s freezer.

  7. John says:

    I agree about Samsung bottom freezers. After much research I found theirs to be the best for the size and price. I got their bottom freezer about a year ago and LOVE it! It’s a couple inches shallower than most, but it’s a about a half inch deeper than a true counter-depth for about a $1000 less than true counter-depths. When I renovated my kitchen I made my boomerang patterned laminate counters that ran next to the refrigerator about a half inch deeper. Samsungs are pretty neat too, really innovative with all of their other products and highly rated in JD Powers. I also work at Sears and sell appliances, and usually recommend Samsung. Mine is model: RB217ACPN/XAA

    Also is if you swap out your electrical outlet for a recessed receptacle it can help with the depth if the plug and cord are causing it to stick out. I noticed these for sale at Home Depot after I did my counters.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Great idea to run counters deeper next to your fridge, John, so that it made it look all the more “fitted”.

  8. gsciencechick says:

    We really liked the Bosch (stainless) when we were fridge shopping, but when we looked at the price, we decided if we were going to spend that much, we’d just go with the Big Chill. I also do like the PP’s bottom freezer with a single door. That would’ve also been an option, and that style is more economical.

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