Midcentury modern meets French Provincial in this PERFECT 1960 time capsule house — 16 photos

1960 den with matching shades and chair upholsteryThese days I am being very particular about the time capsule houses that I show on the blog. Pretty much, I want to see near-perfection. Really stunning. Really special. Oh my — do we have it ever, in this 1960 time capsule midcentury modern house for sale in Scarsdale (link now gone), New York. Listing agent is Iris Kalt of Prudential Centennial Realty, and she has graciously given me permission to feature the photos of the house. Mega thanks, also, to reader Jennifer, who found this house and sent me the tip. xoxo Jennifer, keep ’em coming!

1960 GE kitchenWhat a win-win, if we can find a grateful buyer of this house while archiving the photos of these exceptional, preserved interiors. Oh, please, new buyer: Don’t change a thing! Click on through for 14 more photos — this is one of the most beautiful time capsule homes I have ever seen –>

Mid century modern house scarsdale new york 1960 time capsuleScarsdale is one of the loveliest and most desirable neighborhoods in Westchester County, New York — super close to Gotham, you’re in the city via train in like 20 minutes. The house has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and 12′ ceilings. It sits on just under one-half acre, on a cul-de-sac — sounds like a beautiful setting. It is listed for $849,000.

1960s french provincial living room in a midcentury modern houseI’m calling this house “Midcentury Modern meets French Provincial” for obvious reasons. Remember, design history buffs, French Provincial interiors were very popular in midcentury America. I would even venture: They were more popular than midcentury modern interiors.

1960 living roomFloor to ceiling pinch pleats — I am dead and gone to heaven. This was how pinch pleat sheers were DONE, people! Not only gorgeous to look at, but the light filtering through the sheers is all sparkly and sublime. Note, over time, sheers like this will fade and wither due to sun rot. You will have to replace. Even so, resolved: Pinch pleat sheers for my living room /dining room in 2012.

1960 dining roomThe dark wood against the white… the ornate French pieces within the mid mod architecture… notice the oriental rug on terrazzo floors… it all WORKS. This house is very “graphic.”

midcentury modern architecture 1960 foyerThe foyer. Look at how the architect has created a sort of skylight effect (without an actual skylight) by bringing the ceiling down, but creating a beam-lined opening to the windows above. Genius.

1960 denRepeating this photo so I can say: The shades and valence — matched to the chairs, ottoman and even organ bench. The devil — the angels — are singing in the detail.

cork panelled den I need to ask Iris what is on these walls. Cork? Notice the lamps. Notice the window shades, the edging in particular. And more terrazzo. This house belongs in The Museum of Perfection.

1960s french provicincial bedroomThis bedroom is equally stunning. All matchy matchy with the bedspreads, drapery and upholstery. I would love to see that desk closer up. And the enormous, room-sized rugs — oh my.

1960s bedroomI really hope that whoever buys this house asks for everything, and keeps it just the way it is.

1960 bathroomLesson in 1960 bathroom: Those look like 1″ square tiles, floor-to-ceiling in… bone on the walls and tub, white on the floor. Audrey always told me that, “Bone and white makes for a lovely bathroom.” Yes, it does! Carrera marble countertop. The tub is tiled, sunken. The mirror extends the length of the vanity, with a medicine cabinet at the left only. It also looks like there are some glass shelves on the wall at the left. I wonder if the lamp was really used, or if that is staging. Noneless, luv.

yellow kitchenThis looks to be a GE Wonder Kitchen: Wonder Kitchens had the sink and stovetop set into one long piece of stainless steel countertop — as at left. 52PostnBeam, can you confirm? That’s for sure a Delta 200 wall-mount faucet; now discontinued, but read the comments. Notice how the decorator (I’m presuming a decorator was involved) was able to layer pretty complex patterns together — in the wallpaper and the curtains — very successfully. Again… the more I study these images, the more I see these interiors, combined with the architecture of the home, are graphic genius.

1960 patioThe patio is equally beautiful.

midcentury modern outdoor fireplaceAnd if you are building a house, consider adding this detail: An outdoor fireplace built at the back of your indoor fireplace.

What an amazing treasure of a house. This is one of my favorite time capsules of all time.

If you want to buy it, you better jump on it. If you do, invite me down — I’l close! The listing is here (link now gone). Or give Iris a call today.

  1. Kathryn says:

    We just restored our 1957 GE Wonder Kitchen lighted over the counter cabinet, that was part of the original construction. We actually were fortunate enough to purchase the home with the original kitchen intact, it just needed some TLC. Aqua and lemon yellow, yay!

  2. Jennifer Bown says:

    Love this house! And the curtains! One question–are those TWO layers of sheers in the living room?

      1. Jennifer Bown says:

        I think I’m going to do that in my living room 🙂 Though I could use the insulating properties of a lined curtain.

  3. Amy says:

    My favorites are the. 2 bedrooms with their luxurious bedding – one in fleshy pink (very “period” to that time) – and the other in cream colors. Classy & serene! I also love the bathroom vanity with those center-placed round pulls – luv it!

      1. 52PostnBeam says:

        Wow. This has ruined my day. Well thank goodness you archived it for our own little “museum of perfection.”

          1. JP says:

            I am hoping–blind optimism–that it has not been torn down. I have been looking for estate sales since the original post and have not seen one. The listing has drawings and not photos. And, Zillow does not have a sales price–just the removal of the listing. Any way to confirm what the property looks like? Perhaps the lister is just phishing???…I know–blind optimism….

            1. Robert Prochko says:

              The house has been demolished and replaced with a center hall vinyl Colonial.

      2. Marie Gamalski says:

        Does that mean someone tore down that amazing home??? Plz, plz say it’s just a different listing….PLEASE…?

  4. Josh LaPorte says:

    Oh wow! I’ve not been reading retrorenovation as often and totally missed this one. Totally Uh-May-Zeeeng! I would move into it exactly as is, with all furnishings! What a lovely house and perfect decoration! I love all the huge, room-size rugs… and those LAMPS! Lamps are so important. This is one house where lamps are really done right! I would leave that little lamp on the bathroom vanity on with a low wattage lightbulb just for low light and some ambiance! Wish I had eight hundred thousand bucks last December!

  5. Mike S says:

    OMG, that patio is exactly what my parents did at our ’63 ranch! It’s the first time I’ve EVER seen another one like it!

    Dad stained our front porch with a some sort of kit you could buy in those days, and made a back porch from poured concrete EXACTLY like the back porch of this house. Over time, ours didn’t lay as well, and it required taking up, but WOW, why don’t they do this today?

  6. linda blackmore says:

    Re: the wall and curtains in the kitchen–I think the fabric for the curtains is the same as the wall paper.

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