12 daze of Kitschmas — favorite photos and ideas from readers

Midcentury modern Christmas Not only are Retro Renovation readers inventive and inspirational decorators, but quite a few of you are darn good photographers, too. From our recent spree uploading photos of our vintage holiday decorations, I curated some delightful photos. Above: No name contributor for Northern California — fabulous photo! You may identify yourself and receive your applause, dear reader. Click on through for 11 more twinkly happy holiday photos from around our retro wonderland. –>

Imperal Arctic Star Christmas treeGeorge Nelson bubble lamp (with levitating ornaments) meets 1960s Imperial Arctic Star aluminum Christmas tree.

Uncle Atom's aluminum Christmas trees and Christmas albumsThis is super clever from that super clever Uncle Atom: Get out those Christmas albums (or: ANOTHER thing to collect) and hang ’em behind the tree. I WANT A MERRY BRADY CHRISTMAS album. P.S. Luv the knottyish pine.

Betty Crafter retro christmasBetty Crafter’s living room is so much fun. Why do I think there is never a dull moment in this household?

Bradford tree topperBradford Tree Topper. These are i-phone images, right? Lord help me, really, I can barely work the computer and the camera I have much less learn i-phone apps.

Santa cookies by LouisaOverall, Louisa gets my prize this year for her photo submissions (she had a few more lovely photos). WISH I could bite right into one of these. I could NEVER do this!

Christmas pixiesThis one just made me laugh. Pixies are the best. To anyone who says kitsch is silly, I say: “Bite me.” Seriously, I want to run for President, just so I can say, to opponents and media when they try to get me with their gotcha’s: “Bite me.”

Christmas elves and reindeerYes: Buy one or two of something and it’s clutter. Buy 3 or more, and it’s a collection. I love how color unifies all of these Arctic creatures.

Vintage Christmas cards from estate sales from Jenny OThis is a great collection idea from Jenny O: Vintage Christmas cards from estate sales.

Retro Christmas with cookiesYikes! Yum! And don’t miss the ornaments strung from above. This reader has it goin’ on! P.S. Love the knotty on the ceiling.

Felt elves from BethBeth gets props for her vintage elves and for her i-phone photo, too.

All in, these friend and family photos are always my favorites. Folks at home, mile-wide smiles. Oh my word, this is what it’s all about.

  1. Steven Hollifield says:

    Hi Pam, Wonderful photos! Makes me remember when I was a kid in the 50’s. They make me feel like I’m there again!

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