Original plastic blinds ona patio door

retro plastic window shades
The shades on Todd's bathroom window (three sets still survive)

The other day I showed unusual plastic bathroom window shades original to Todd’s 1960 house. Pretty quick, Anne popped up and provided this photo of the full-length plastic shades covering her patio door. Complete with avocado trim including on the self-valance. I LOVE THIS. It also looks to be in terrific shape. I bet they made things better (or with materials and/or processes not allowed today) back in the day. But, we’ve heard that before. Stuff was Made. To. Last. TIP: At estate sales, look at the window treatments; I have been known to buy original window treatments right off the window — have to take them down and everything. The estate sale sellers kind of don’t even notice them and/or think they are too *dated* for anyone to want. Thanks, Anne — oh, and lovely lovely room!

  1. Mary Beth says:

    Try sources for accordion doors – even though they are primarily spec’d for closet doors ,there are lighter weight options for pass-throughs and the like. Since they operate on ceiling tracks they might work for slider applications.

  2. Craig says:

    These are really neat! Our house was FULL of those vertical plastic blinds and we ripped them out first thing. We opted for some custom roller shades. I know not necessarily period correct for a 50s home, but I love the look on our wall of windows. Also the dogs can look out!

  3. These are so cool. Have been staring with hatred at the clickety-clacking vertical blinds on my sliding glass door, wondering what will work instead of them. (Anything being the first answer.) Have never seen anything like these, so guess I’m going to have to go something more conventional…

  4. gsciencechick says:

    Love both these blinds, but given so few options for patio or french doors, I could see how these could work incredibly well.

  5. gypsy says:

    Ha! Great minds think alike. I TOTALLY tried to buy the pinch-pleat drapes off the windows at an estate sale, but the house was going to be rented out and they wanted to keep them. I was so sad.

    Ended up with these instead, which is probably all for the best.


  6. Chutti says:

    These are FABULOUS! They look great, like they have some insulating properties, and also love that they block the super bright sun without blacking everything out.

    Since we have TWO sliders in our playroom, I have little hope I would ever find a set of these.


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