Satanic vintage wallpaper — from Inez Croom in 1973 deck house

devil wallpapermalm fireplace preway fireplaceYikes. Satanic 1970s wallpaper. This is among the strangest things I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure I could keep this in my house, it’s so creepy. But yay on reader Suzanne who will be keeping this … invaluable … original piece of her house. Also see her fab foyer and the school bus yellow vintage Malm Preway fireplace.

Update: This was subsequently identified at Inez Croom wallpaper. Inez Croom document designs are still in production today. Read this Fab follow-up story! 

Suzanne writes:

My husband & I bought a wonderful 1973 Deck House. Lots of 70’s goodness – spiral staircase, scroll iron railings, Malm fireplace… we love it. The entire house was originally painted kind of an adobe color except for the downstairs bathroom.

creepy satanic vintage wallpaper

We have the strangest wallpaper that I would love someone to shed some light on. It’s black silhouettes on a cream background & it’s kind of a toile/folk/asian/demonic combo. Beheading, devils, chicken men… Yikes! Creepy or not, when we redo the bathroom, I’m keeping it! 🙂

Thank you so much for taking a look at these. I would love to know if anyone has seen this before or knows the history.

malm fireplace preway fireplaceI also added some random shots of the interior of the house.

I’d love for you to look at it. Thank you & thank you for this website, I LOVE it!!!!!

Thank you, Suzanne.

Update: Reader Josh identified this wallpaper within one hour of posting, he said:

It’s ‘Devil Paper’ from Waterhouse Wallcoverings.

Seems like this is a reproduction of a very old design — pre-1890. I’ve emailed for more information, including price. Thank you, Josh, BIG GOLD STAR!

Thank YOU, Suzanne. Great house, lucky you.

  1. Rachael says:

    OOps! Just read the above… lol. It sure looks like MSND. Great INFO on this print… WOW!

  2. Susan Clements says:

    i have one of those fireplaces for sale along with a bunch of mid century finds I used to stage a house when I sold it the new owner did not want the fireplace.

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