Amazing transformation: Suzann’s bungalow kitchen remodel using Ikea kitchen cabinets

1940s bungalow kitchen before:

1940s kitchen before remodel1940s bungalow kitchen after:

kitchen with subway tiles
Wow, Suzann’s 1940s bungalow style kitchen remodel is — fantastic. So bright and cheery, I know this transformation is going to excite a lot of readers. And, after five years of doing no stories at all about Ikea kitchen cabinets, here’s a second one in a row — using different cabinets than the Akurums that Jerry used. Read on for Suzann’s story and the list of resources she used to design and construct this happy space.
bungalow kitchenSuzann writes:
This is a kitchen in our detached 540 sq ft in-law suite, where my mother is moving in. We’ve revamped the whole place. We wanted to make a cutesy, cheery kitchen that would align with the era of the home- 40’s bungalow style.

apple green and gray vct floor tile

silestone countertopThe cabinets are Ikea. The floor is Armstrong VCT, special order from Home Depot (same price as the ones on the shelf, but takes 2 weeks) to match our apple green Caesarstone countertop (ordered at Ikea, subbed out to a local installer). I made all the curtains from gauzy linen with lace trim to soften up all the subway tile (American Olean 2×4″ in “biscuit”).
We drove 4 hours to pick up that GE fridge in the next state. It is late 30’s-early 40’s.
vintage refrigeratorThe previous single owner bought it during WW2 with cash rations and used it all her life. She kept in tip top condition for 80 years.
enamel deskNext to that is a little vintage metal enamel table that we found on the roadside while out walking one evening, same story on the Eames chair. Together, they make a little desk area. Any other questions, just let me know! Thanks again!
Suzann, this remodel is so sweet — thank you! Your mother surely will love it, but stop calling her surely. haha. Little joke there. Things I luv in particular:
  • 54o s.f. Yowza. I am telling you, there are many days now, that all I want to have to clean, heat and pay taxes on for is: 540 s.f.
  • Bisquit-colored subway tile. I think this is a great way to do it… Back in the day, the whites were not so white. I adore the aged look of the bisquit.
  • The door style you chose for a bungalow kitchen is the “right” one.
  • Love the basketweave floor. Lofe the apple green. Love the fridge.
  • But most of all, love the dumpster diving enamel table, and that you gave it a happy new home. 🙂

Resource list for Suzann’s bungalow kitchen remodel:


  1. Christiane Minnick says:


    Did you look at linoleum? Can I ask why you chose vinyl over linoleum? I’m looking at flooring and getting all muddled with so many choices!

  2. Marilyn says:

    Wow! CUTE! just found this today looking for old refrig photos. My parents had this fridge model when I was little…I would pinch my hand in the door handle (or at least that is what they threatened me with to keep me out of the fridge!)…. SO neat! THANKS for SHARING!

  3. Jillian says:

    Swoon! I would love to live here! This is the most adorable kitchen I have seen. I’d love to see what else you have done with the other rooms in this space.

  4. Jolene says:

    Wonderful balanced using the accent color on the counter and in the floor design. I’ve done the basket weave pattern in one of my offices using Mannington Solid Point tile. It has the look of a linoleum after its installed.

  5. John Fachy says:

    Smashing! You’ve got a great eye combined with creative flair and no doubt focus and determination! I love your space from top to bottom, every detail, but especially appreciate your curtains, fantastic refrigerator score (tip top shape by one owner for eighty years, LOVE that!) and flooring! ENJOY and thanks for sharing retro fashionista!

  6. Shannon says:

    Oh my gosh, this is fantastic! I LOVE the countertops and agree with Pam- great find and save on the table 🙂 I was wondering what you did with the tank that was in the “before” pic. I am guessing it was the water tank?

  7. Suzann,

    I would love to know the exact specifications on the Ikea cabinets. Especially the wall mounted units with the glass doors. How incredible! I want these exact cabinets but do not live near an Ikea so I must order them. Please let me know when you have the time. I love this kitchen!!

  8. sarah says:

    this is, by far, my fav of all fav’s! love the clean, simple colors & lines of the space. beautifully executed!

  9. al darcangelo says:

    wow great, cheery and bright…but what happened to the soap stone sink in the 1st picture?

    1. Susan says:

      Hi there! Thanks for your comment. The sink went to the guy who did the windows. He is using it as a utility sink. It is concrete, not soapstone. We would have used it elsewhere if he didn’t give us credit toward our bill.

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