Love pit — 1970s style sectionals from Z Galleries

1970s style sectional1970s style sectional

1970s style sectionalPut an ottoman into the center of a u-shaped sectional and you have yourself a good old fashioned 1970s love pit. I know, I know. I’ve been doing too much on the ’70s lately. These “Cloud” modular sectionals might even be considered 1980s-esque (?). Reader Tara spotted them when she was doing more research in relation to my story about 28 places to buy affordable midcentury style sofas. These Clouds certainly remind me — in spirit at least — of the Love Pits we saw when we looked at all the 1976 Kroehler sofas and living rooms.

I guess they also have a sort of ’70s Italian vibe. I need to get schooled — we must have some readers who know who to classify these sectionals in the interior design sofa design evolutionary timeline. Declare yourselves! Illuminate! Meanwhile, I will continue to try and keep mixing things up here. I’m working on more stories about 1920s and 1930s interior design and houses, especially when it come to Romantic Revival homes and small cottages… and I know lots of readers want more from the 1940s, too. The siren song of the seventies, my teenage years, will always be with me, though, I forewarn. Link: Cloud Modular Sectionals from Z Galleries.

  1. kristina mahan says:

    I’m really wanting to get this couch in grey. I have wood tile floors and I am about to repaint the living room. Any suggestions on a paint color? Do I have to do a grey? Can I do a brown or beige color for the walls? I’m afraid the dark brown couch with blend too much with my wood tile floors– and white just seems too crazy for me.

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