New Old Stock crackle ice laminate – auctions end today!

crackle ice laminate new old stockThanks to reader Helen for finding this amazing motherlode — rolls of New Old Stock vintage Formica in cracked ice red, yellow and green. These auctions end in just a few hours, so I am rushing to put this up. I will be checking with the seller now, to see how much is still going to be posted, the indication is that there are multiple rolls. Update: Here is what seller beakster1715 (thanks for permission to show your photo!) — who is in Chippewa Fall, Wisconsin — says:

The story is….A couple of weeks ago my husband & I were out & about, kind of lollygagging to get home, kind of a leisure day. I needed some upholstery webbing for a mid century chair that of which I now currently have listed, so we stopped by a local Christian-based donation center that resells interior building supplies, both old & new; all from donations. Doors, cupboards, furniture, kitchen & bath fixtures, lighting, etc. It’s a pretty cool place to go on a low budget or to find a unique item, every once in a while! Unfortunately, I didn’t find any webbing, but when I turned the isle corner & saw all……….and saw all the laminate, I yelled to my husband to get a large loading cart RIGHT AWAY!!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!! I got 6 rolls that day (the 2 red, 2 green & 2 yellow). Super low investment, but wanted to see if my hunch was as good as I thought! I listed one green & one red the next day and they immediately got bids. At that point I knew I had something REALLY good, so I went back and bought the remaining 5 rolls of yellow, of which are the biggest rolls!  Besides the vintage airstream I sold last year (that was going to be my restoration baby, but with 4 kids & an extremely busy life it just wasn’t going to happen as soon as I wanted), this laminate has been one of the funnest & most interesting things I’ve listed. I’m a vintage junkie, but my heart is lost in the mid century (60’s/70’s modern danish) era.  I do hope this answers your questions. Please let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know.

Again, I thank you for your message & inquiries..

Listing — which was shown in ebay carousel now gone. 

  1. Raelene from Australia says:

    wow that is amazing! I love the red, but unfortunately I would need to rob a bank to pay for the shipping to AUstralia.

  2. TappanTrailerTami says:

    Wow! The green went for a whopping $910…probably the highest because they don’t make the repro cracked ice in green for some reason.

  3. Lauryn says:

    What an amazing find. I’m just glad there is no grey or I would be kicking myself over and over! Someone’s going to be a happy camper, because the new stuff just ain’t the same.

  4. Jenn Schulte says:

    Amazing find! The repro stuff is sorta ok, but a little over the top and over designed. THIS STUFF is great, the real deal! I wonder how well it will flatten out, though, and how supple it is after 60+ years of tight rolled-up-ness.

  5. whoooo! that stuff is totally sweet! Trying to envision it in the Hacienda kitchen, as what we currently have is quite dismal.

    Pam – do you know how this stuff might be able to be applied? I’m wondering if the fact that it’s so rolled up might cause it to buckle?

    Good job!

    1. Lauryn says:

      We bought new laminate that came rolled up like that, had a local craftsman build the countertops with it (didn’t trust myself one iota to get it right) and there’s not a single buckle. Granted, it wasn’t NOS, but I’m guessing it would be fine.

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