‘Hang It All’ vertical, flippable, portable barbecue grill – super cute graphics

hang it all vintage barbecue

Sherree – Re-discoverer of the Hang-It-All

There sure was a lot of innovation going on in post-World-War II America when it came to that important topic: Barbecue grilling.  I certainly recall, as a young child in the 1960s, that camping and barbecuing were a regular part of our life. Dad always had a pickup with one of those camper shells that fit over the truck bed and even wrapped way up high above the truck cab with with a sleeping area and window toward the front. Are these still street legal today?

On the weekend, we’d hop in the truck/camper to go fishing at Big Bear Lake. In the summer, we’d drive to North Dakota to visit family. I have fond memories of me, my brother David and maybe even my cousin Timmy stretched out on top of the world in that camper shell thingie over the truck cab, watching the road ahead and puzzling the mysteries of life. In postwar America, gas was cheap, we loved our cars, and the interstates were being completed so there was, literally, a whole new America to visit. Get your kicks on Route 66. And on the road and in the great outdoors: We grilled.

Which gets me, finally, to Sherree’s latest wonderful oddity — woddity — barbecue grill:  the Hang It All. Sherree — who has her own blog, Midcentury Thrifty Gal — writes, and sends lots of photos, which I tortured her for:

Hubby and I just purchases this strange Barbecue/Charcoal Grill called a Hang It All. It is vertical!

The meat is placed in wire baskets and hung vertically on each side of the vertically placed charcoal briquettes. The cute tray (with illustrations on how to use it) is placed underneath to catch the drippings.

I don’t think it was ever used; the tray is nearly perfect. The whole thing is on a black metal stand with legs (almost like tv trays) that can sit on the patio or grass . I just thought it was really unusual.

We don’t see a date on it and I could not find on online, although I did find the tray. I am guessing early 60’s by the colors and illustrations on it.

I asked if there was paperwork and speculated it was for camping. Sherree replied:

There was no paperwork. Must be a camp stove or apartment/balcony grill?

It actually could hold a dozen hot dogs on one side and 6-8 burgers on the other. Not sure how good it worked; the ashes would fall onto the tray. You would flip the baskets when they were cooked halfway through 🙂

And, I asked Sherree where she found it, how much she paid, and whether she would use it. She quickly replied
We bought it in the basement of an old antique mall for $10.
Looking closer at the tray graphics, it can be used vertically as well. You can flip the legs upside down to make handles to carry it.
And the  top can hold a small saucepan and coffee pot!
Probably won’t use it. I will either sell it or use it for display 🙂


Thank YOU, Sherree aka Midcentury Thrifty Gal, for sharing. I love this so much.

Is this a great country. Or what.

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