Erica Wilson needlework — from her private collection <3

erica wilson alphabet Just a little blast of spring color love from one of my favorite artists of all time:  Over on the Erica Wilson Nantucket Facebook Page, they have been occasionally posting photos of needlework from Erica Wilson’s private collection.

erica wilson owlerica wilson owl So beautiful. So inspiring. Thank you, Erica Wilson Nantucket, for giving me the permission to show these images on the  blog. Repeat: Keep up with all the new/old Erica Wilson on the Erica Wilson Nantucket Facebook page.

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  1. LAVORA NOYES says:

    i made that blue owl. i do not know which child has it. i love her crewel . i have lots of her . projects. they are all different . i learmd to do all of the stiches. i have some of her books. i can not afford her kits they are too expensive for me. if you have any that you are going to throw away send them to me.

  2. Michelle says:

    I just found 2 very similar items in my dad’s house. I am guessing my grandmother made them, but I don’t remember seeing them at her house. As soon as I saw them, I knew I needed to keep them. My sister looked at me like I was nuts and said “Uh. Yeah. You can keep those.”

  3. Mrs. Sugar says:

    That reminds me of my Erica Wilson crewel project that is still unfinished from the late 80s. I better get on that.

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