mirror tile from the 1970sReally, I am such a contrarian, anti-authoritarian, pain-in-it, yes I am. If I have any sense whatsoever that the design powers-that-be believe something is *hideous*, I will go out of my way to find a way to say that it is fantastic. Sometimes I think I can cloud my own vision. But not in the case of: Mirror tiles from the 1970s. My vision is not clouded, it is clear: These are so much fun. Life is short. Have A LOT of fun. And if you Go Too Far with Decorating — Heck, It’s Only Decorating. I recently went on the hunt for vintage mirror tile, and here is what I found, along with lots of artsy fartsy photos of two boxes of New Old Stock diamond coppertone mirror tiles that are now mine all mine *buwaha* or however you spell it evil laugh…

mirror tile girlI got the idea to use mirror tiles when I began thinking about decorating ideas for my office/studio remodel. As regular readers know, I have become a bit obsessed with the 1970s. My office/studio will be My Hippy Place.

mirror tileI don’t know exactly how mirror tiles entered my consciousness. For sure, I’ve seen quite a few of them, for example, in time capsule houses. Usually, they are discussed with derision.  Definition of derision, from The Free Dictionary.

However, I thing that they are pretty darn cool. You can use as many or few as you like. They are DIY. They reflect light back into a room. They have texture. Why the heck not.

mirror tileI originally went looking for gold vein mirror tile. The classique.  However, I could not find any new. Well, correction: My glass guy here in Lenox, Carl at Lenox Glass, did find me some new. It was just what I was looking for, but OMG, it was $80 per tile. Yes: $80 per tile.

mirror tile reflectionI also found some on craigslist — gold vein tiles, vintage, 44 pieces for $88 dollars, or something like that, in Cranston, Rhode Island. That’s a three-hour drive for me. I thought about it. But my tusch hurt just thinking about it. Update: They are still there, price is down to $1 a tile. That’s a great deal!

vintage mirror tileI searched ebay and etsy. Etsy – Bingo! – I found the little motherlode that I was looking for: Several styles of New Old Stock mirror tiles from seller cosasraras. There was a big stash uncovered that is now being unloaded.

faux bois Cosasraras has faux bois woodgrain mirror tiles (above). These were very tempting.

Cosasraras has black vein mirror tile.

mirror tile coppertone diamondsShe has mirror tiles with little diamonds outlined in white. There are two “colors” of mirror in this design: plain mirror inside white-painted diamonds, and coppertone mirror inside the white diamonds. I took a chance and ordered the coppertone. It’s kind of pinkish copper — the photos up higher and thumbnailed on the right are pretty true. I like my tiles a lot. They are weird.

Oh, cosasraras has scenics, too — like the sailing ship, above. Note how it is framed with the faux bois.

There are even Miro-esque scenes. Miro Mirro mirror tiles, hahaha. The come-hither poses on these boxes: priceless. Mirror tiles must have been 70s codes for … swingers? Cover your eyes, under-18s!

Airplane tiles. Ukelele. You gotta love the 70s. You gotta.

Repita: New Old Stock 1976 Mirror tile from cosasraras on etsy, still some left.

  1. hannah says:

    Hi Pam and all –

    I have purchased 3 packages of the diamond design mirrors off the seller on Etsy that you hipped us to last year. Just got the last package this week.

    The seller said to be sure and use “Liquid Nails”. Went to the hardware store today and all the Liquid Nails products said not to use on mirrors. I got home, went to their web page and they have one product specific for mirrors.

    I’m writing to ask what you used to put your mirror tiles up, or any of the other readers – what did they use. I want the wall to look as original (to the times) as possible but Mr. Wonderful keeps coming up with *ideas* of alternative ways to do it – which would NOT be authentic to the times (mounting on a thin piece of plywood, mounting with thin rails of wood in-between each row….).

    Any thoughts on the best adhesive to use are welcome! These will be going on a painted wall in the living room.


  2. Bill says:

    Hope this helps. I am selling 45 new/unused “antique gold vein” mirror tiles. The tiles are different from the “gold vein” mirror tiles they have a smoke or dark finish that is different from the silver finish. I posted several pictures of the tiles and one picture had a standard plain mirror tile next to the antique gold vein mirror. If you are looking for antique gold vein mirror tiles there is a chance that a seller will post that they are selling antique gold vein when it should read vintage 70s gold vein mirror tiles. Someone drove 2.5 hours to my house to buy the tiles I have only to find that they were the wrong ones. When taking pictures of mirrors they often pick up back ground colors.
    In 60 years they will be antique antique gold vein mirror tiles. LOL

    1. pam kueber says:

      diana, you need to look in the story for the etsy seller listed – she’s the one with the tiles for sale. if she still has them. otherwise, search on ebay or etsy, good luck …

  3. genjen says:

    Anyone have a DIY technique for the smoked gold vein mirror look? I want to use it as table top mirror for my bar cart…

    1. pam kueber says:

      I don’t…. I don’t think you can get the look without just having the tiles… stalk ebay for authentic vintage….

  4. Larry says:

    I am looking for the 12″ gold veined tile mirror. Do you have any in stock?
    Thanking you in advance for your response.

  5. Joe Felice says:

    I remember all of them! I had the gold-vein tiles in the living room! (Disclaimer: They were there when I bought the place, along with the variegated-green shag carpet.) Disco ball needed, indeed. And never even thought of it!

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