Breaking News: Blenko Glass lamps from 1947-1963 to be reintroduced by Rejuvenation this fall

I just read an Associated Press story about what’s hot this fall in home decor — American VintageMidcentury Modern … and Graphic Modern are three of six trends profiled — retro remains pivotal! — and I also saw in the story that Rejuvenation this fall will introduce a new line of Blenko glass table lamps. And — they look to be in some of our favorite colors: A cobalt/peacock blue… avocado green… and amber. The line includes two reproductions of Blenko Glass lamps — the Cylinder and the Round — introduced between 1947 and 1953 Blenko Design Director Winslow Anderson. The Carafe lamp (the one in the center?, I think — and my favorite) is based on the Blenko 920 decanter also introduced in the ’47-’53 time frame. The other two designs in the Rejuvenation collection — the Wave and Flare lamps — were introduced between 1953 and 1953 by Design Director Wayne Husted.

In all, Rejuvenation says, there were 170 pieces of decorative Blenko glass introduced into the marketplace between 1947 and 1953… and another 500 pieces between 1953 and 1963. Funny, I was just talking about seeing Blenko glass everywhere at the antique shops when I visited Florida recently. So very I Dream of Jeannie.

Here is the info I just received from Rejuv:

Rejuvenation, known for its historically accurate, American-made ceiling and wall-mount fixtures, is adding a new lighting category to its assortment: table and floor lamps. For the first two groups of what will become an expansive offering, Rejuvenation has partnered with the historically significant original manufacturer Blenko to recreate their designs.

First as Eureka Glass Company and later as Blenko Glass Company, the Blenko family has been making translucent colored glass by hand in Milton, West Virginia, since 1921. The company’s tableware – vases and decanters – formed the basis for its first line of lamps in 1950. The lamps’ bold colors, large scale, and sensuous shapes were a hit among young, modern homeowners of the time. Rejuvenation believes in their relevance and appeal for today and forged a partnership with the glass manufacturer.

The Blenko assortment includes five mid-century glass table lamps. Each handcrafted lamp has its own distinct shape (Cylinder, Round, Flare, Wave, and Carafe), offered in a variety of vibrant colors. What were originally decanter stoppers are used as decorative finials (a Blenko hallmark). The lamps also include an adjustable harp, sustainably harvested Eastern walnut wood base, and drum shade in burlap, black linen, or ivory linen. Prices begin at $450.

The Blenko pieces are produced using traditional glassmaking methods and proprietary formulas, bringing back some colors that haven’t been made in several decades. A six-person team crafts every glass vessel by hand, mixing sand and minerals, blowing the form into a mold, and perfecting the final shape. It is a labor-intensive process, which results in a spectacularly colored, finely proportioned lamp body. Rejuvenation then wires, assembles, and finishes each lamp by hand in its Portland, Oregon facility.

We will also offer the small bud vase in three colors for $58

Rejuv says these will be available mid-November 2012. No info yet on pricing.

Bud vases, too!

Another very cool detail from these lamps: The Blenko finial on the top. I luv.

Link: For now, only teaser photos of Blenko lamps from Rejuvenation.

  1. Jamie D says:

    These are beautiful. I’ll take one of each, please!

    (not really…but maybe just one in that gorgeous peacock blue. Stunning.)

  2. Bob says:

    I love Blenko Glass. We’ve collected my partner and I since 1987.
    I use Damon Crain and Dr Hillery Homburg as my Blenko experts.I will send this announcement to Hillery
    she writes a blog for a Milton newspaper daily that I read.
    Wonderful news for a failing factory in need of a lot of new orders.
    Great News.
    Katie Tripp is an awesome manager.

    1. Rejuvenation says:

      Hi Dave,
      There are subtle differences between the original Blenko lights and the lights we have partnered with Blenko to make today. Many of the differences came about simply because of the availability of materials. The new lamps have an adjustable harp, just like the originals, but it’s a little different because the original parts are no longer available. Our bases are made from sustainably harvested walnut, and the shades will have the same hand-rolled edges. We focused on the beauty of the original designs and worked with Blenko to add subtle nuances to bring them into the modern market.

  3. Melissa Lang says:

    One of these clear lamps would be the perfect lighting option for the top of our vintage Zenith walnut stereo consul that sits against our window wall looking out to the Puget Sound. The glass body would not obstruct the view!

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