Amanda’s delightful mint and pink bathroom design — using new American Olean tiles available today

Yes, this is how it’s done. The salt-and-pepper tile bathroom in Amanda’s 1942 house needed a complete renovation. She wanted to keep the bathroom remodel in the sweetheart midcentury modest style of the house. So, she used basic ceramic bathroom tiles — available right now in American Olean’s tile portfolio. The 4×4″ field tiles are Spearmint, and the bullnose and liner tiles are in Antique Rose. The floor got simple square mosaic tile in white. This bathroom design is simply wonderful! Amanda sends us additional, inspirational photos of her small bathroom remodel, which suits the history of the house to a tee. Amanda writes:

We bought our home from the original owner… a little over 11 years ago…. The existing salt and pepper tile was failing. To save money we had originally planned to repair the walls and salvage the salt and pepper tile.

1940s bathroom renovationI wanted something more in keeping to our 1942 home, and given the work that was going to be involved in cleaning up the tile, my husband agreed. I was also able to convince him that tiling the wall around the room instead of just the shower would be worth the added investment of time and money.

mint green tile with rose pink trim tileThis bath room is primarily our daughter’s, so the pink and green combo works gloriously. (My husband would not go along with this combo for ours. It’s being done in blue.) We demoed the shower area down to the studs. After tearing out the old tile, we found drywall over plaster which was covered in plastic simulated tile.

We installed national gypsum tile backer and American Olean field tile in spearmint and liner and cap in rose.

niche for bottles and soapMy husband and I did the job together and I can’t tell you how long we agonized over the layout of that niche!

pink toothbrush holderI found the soap dish, towel bar, and tooth brush holder on e-bay.  We are awaiting the rewiring of a vintage light.

mosaic tile bathroom floorWe installed a white mosaic tile — from American Olean — on the floor and grouted it in white. I wish we had chosen a different grout color for the floor, but other then that I am super, super pleased with our new old bathroom!

I referred to your website several times for info and inspiration. Thank you soooo much for what you do!


So on top of making these “daring” color choices, you did the tiling yourself? All the more impressive, you go, Amanda and DH! It looks fantastic. Seal the grout (backbreaking, in my experience), put a big bathroom rug down, keep the dirt off of it, wash it with ROG3 regularly, and it will continue to look great for years to come. Yay on you. I love love love  your bathroom.

  1. lynda says:

    Just perfect. You are a talented couple. I am sure your daughter loves the woodland theme. Are those just clings on the wall? Love the hedgehog and the owl. Tile work looks professional.

  2. Katie B. says:

    I love the colors you chose. (My husband would never let me do those colors in our only bathroom either.) You guys did a great job tiling. I always like to see people doing it themselves. It gives me encouragement for when we start on our projects! 🙂

  3. matt dimock says:

    Im still amazed it came out looking this great. When you told me the colors you decided on, I will admit; I was a bit nervous for you. It looks fantastic and Im proud of you and Steve for doing this yourself. Bravo sis!

  4. Kevin says:

    Just looking at the pictures of your beautiful tile bathroom brings a big smile to my face. I hope it brings you years of joy every time you walk into it!

  5. brad says:

    just fyi, if you don’t like the white grout on the floor, there are several products that allow you to custom dye that grout to a different shade. it could not be easier. just wipe on, wipe off. the white is going to be a bit of a maintenance headache.

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