Vintage pebble floor tile launches Tex’s gray, black, orange and white bathroom remodel

NOS-tile-floor grey and orangeIf you feel like you’ve seen this pebble mosaic bathroom floor tile before, it could be because you read the story  — 1,000’s of square feet of vintage mosaic tile — great prices  that we featured over the course of several days back in MarchReader Tex saw that stockpile of NOS tile mosaic as the perfect catalyst to start their retro modern bath remodel — and I don’t blame ’em. Look at that gorgeous floor!


Tex writes:

Good morning, Pam!

A couple of notes about this project:

This is the master bathroom in our 1950’s home in Tulsa, Ok. It was previously remodeled, I’m guessing in the 1980’s, with white tile. White tile floor, white tile shower, white vanity, white, white, white! The medicine cabinet was a monstrous three-door mirrored disaster, with built-in Hollywood lights. I re-purposed a vintage chest of drawers for the vanity and of course, you know where I bought the tile. The seller cut me a break on the price because I bought 40 SF of it. It was quite a job for such a tiny room, with lots of OMG WHY DID THEY *DO THAT??*

I love your site- learn new things all the time! I’ve been collecting MCM since 1982.

Have a great day!


Great job Tex! Those NOS mosaic tiles are the focal point of the whole bathroom. I love how you pulled the orange out and used that in the vanity and the accents — it makes the vintage tile feel very modern. I’m also digging that you used grey grout — which works well with the tiles and must be much easier to keep looking clean.


I bet Tex smiles every time they walk into their new bathroom. Instead of white, white, white the bathroom is filled with a confetti of color.

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Readers — did you buy and use this NOS tile mosaic for a project at your house? If so, we’d love to see — send your photos and stories to retrorenovationkate@gmail.com.

    1. pam kueber says:

      It was purchased vintage from an ebay seller that I spotted and wrote about. At one time we also had World of Tile (now liquidated). Subscribe to my newsletter and never miss a story.

  1. Sue Charbonnet says:

    I am looking for some of this Vintage pebble floor tile in black, grey and orange. Does any one know where to get it?

  2. Karen says:

    MCM= Mid Century Modern? I’m still new to this whole retro remodel world, so still learning the lingo :o). I love this bathroom!

  3. Diane in CO says:

    As one who just renovated a 1959 pinky-brown and pink bathroom (whoa there, we DID live with it for 31 years!) and went “white, white white” (with some cute black mixed in) — may I applaud your daring; adorable bathroom remodel. My fave color = orange and I think you did a wonderful job! I LOVE it!

  4. Toby says:

    Bought the same tile from ebay. So inspired by your bath! Ours is about the same size as yours. Great use of space and such a perfect palette. Thank you for sharing and helping envision our next steps!

  5. Lauren J says:

    I love it, too. I bought 15 sq ft. of the same mosaic tile in March in the colors of moss green, aqua and white version. I haven’t decided what to do with it yet except take a photo of it and use it as my background on my iphone!
    And yes, I too, had to look back for the sink. 🙂

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