Ceramic bathroom tile in useful basic shapes and retro colors, from American Universal

Retail pricing included, too

bathroom tileOne of the places Pam cited as a good source of 4″ x4″ bathroom tiles in her recent round up — 12 places to find 4×4 ceramic bathroom tile in vintage colors — was American Universal Corp. Of course it is always hard to tell what the actual tile colors will be from a computer monitor — so that’s why I’ve ordered some samples of the two pinks, hoping one might be the pink I’m hunting for my own retro bathroom remodel. I called the company for pricing: At 7.95 per square foot, the Brittany Misty 4×4 series tiles look to be another relatively affordable option for a retro bathroom remodel if you need a particular retro color.


American Universal has a variety of other tile designs — and their website is easy to navigate, so of course I went to look at them all. Another option for retro appropriate wall or floor tile from American Universal Corp. is their DOT 1×1 ceramic mosaic series.


At $9.95 per square foot, the DOT series tile is more pricey than the 4×4 Brittany Misty tile.  Sadly the other retro pastel colors from the Brittany Misty line do not carry over to the DOT mosaic. This makes it hard if you want to get matchy-matchy. We like matchy-matchy.



Another retro option — complete with several yummy color schemes — is the SX Series 1″ Hex Tile. Depending on the color you are looking for, there are options for both a shiny and a matte finish. This series is $8.95 per square foot — coming in just a little more budget friendly than the DOT line. AUC’s website is fun to play with, you click on the color you like and it pops into a large screen image of the tile. Of course, you will always want to see real samples first.



Finally, another fun and appropriate retro style tile is ceramic Penny Round series tile. This line comes in three distinct color collections — including the Brittany Misty pastel retro color group that would match well with the 4×4 wall tiles. The Penny Round Series tile is $8.95 per square foot. Penny round tiles are fun — Pam remembers this story from Lawrence Bill, he used penny round tiles from Modwalls on his bathroom floors, looks great.

As someone who is trying to pull together a retro modern bathroom from scratch, American Universal Corp.’s selection of retro appropriate ceramic tiles — see all their styles here — is great to have.

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  1. Donna says:

    I just ordered 2 ceramic mint green vintage bathroom sets:
    Toilet paper holder
    Cup and toothbrush holder
    Soap holder
    Towel rods NOS
    she also has others in different colors and ceramic tile. Her father had a company in Canada. She has not been able go through all of it yet.

  2. Diane Varner says:

    I am trying to match a 3 inch hex pepto bismo pink floor tile because we had some work done in the bathroom and some tiles had to be removed. I am having a hard time with the size. Each side is 1.75 inches. Do you have any suggestions on where I am find them?

  3. buffy a says:

    I measured my bathroom tile. It is 4 1/4, not 4 inch. I took pictures of my kitchen and two bathrooms. My house was built in about 1952.

    Is there another type of tile, 4 1/4?

    Colors needed: pink, grey for one bathroom. peach, lighter green for other bathroom. blue, white for kitchen.

    I am stocking up in case I ever need it. Thanks. Buffy

      1. buffy a says:

        sorry pam I don’t see it addressed. I looked. it is a big website and I couldn’t find my answer. please help. buffy

        1. Kate says:

          I think what Pam was suggesting is that if you need a match for your vintage tiles, World of Tile has hundreds of styles and sizes of vintage tiles from the 50s, 60s, 70s etc. available and they can try to color match your tiles if you send them a piece. Search for “World of Tile” to see our stories and then contact Chippy directly at World of Tile to assist you in finding a match for your tiles.

          Also 4″ tile is not always exactly 4″ square. Depends on the age, manufacturer, etc. We just refer to it as 4″ tile because it is basically 4″ — sometimes 4.25″ sometimes less than 4″. Hope that helps.

        2. pam kueber says:

          Hi Buffy, sounds like you are new here? Get to know the categories in the blue above. Then, there are subcategories. We have an entire subcategory Bathrooms/Tile. Also watch the bold blue hotlinks in stories and follow them. The very first link in this story, for example, takes you to a wrap up story about where to find vintage pastel colored tile: https://retrorenovation.com/2012/07/16/12-places-to-find-4-x-4-ceramic-bathroom-tile-in-vintage-colors/

          Finally — use that Search box AND the FAQs (we have one on Bathroom Tile). These both work quite well.

          1. buffy a says:

            Hi Pam. What blue? What above? You are right — I am new. This is a huge website. I am very new and I am doing my very best.Huge website. Blue? Above? Everything is “above.” If I try your patience, I am sorry. I want to get some backup tile while I am still able….before some plumber some day has to take a sledgehammer to my beautiful colored tile and replace it with —GENERIC WHITE. .

            II will turn the world inside out to find my tile. But this is a guessing game. Blue? Above?

            I don’t have samples of all my tile. The blue, yes. The grey, the pink, the green — no. The peach, I think. Found it in my garden. Builder left it there — buried in soil for over 50 years. And there seems to be a green piece showing up still lodged in concrete poured beneath the bathroom window …..LOL….I have pictures of my tile.

            1. pam kueber says:

              The blue line under the header at the top of the site contains words — Kitchen Help, Bathroom Help, etc. These are the “navigation”. Click on them to get to the subnavigation.

              1. buffy a says:

                Thanks, Pam. Gosh…so many beautiful pinks and greys…..this will be daunting, but worth every minute……fortunately, I am covered by the find of the peach tile and the blue and white tile…..I just have the pink, the grey and the mint(?) green to go! Thanks…thanks…(-: and thank you again.

                FYI — anyone interested in checking out the Vintage Romany Tile palette — it is there for the looking on e-bay. I found some close approximations. Tempted to buy the palette, but if my tile isn’t Romany might not be worth it. Buffy

          2. buffy a says:

            FYI — re: mfgs of vintage tile. I found two pinkish-peachy tile which were no match for my tile. Perhaps the information on the back might connect someone searching for vintage bathroom tile to possible other search options. Perhaps not (-:

            The peach: 44-27 Romany USOTCO

            The Pink: STANDARD E2 engraved on the back. Stamped: AA

            These probably came from a batch of unrelated tile left behind when my parents built their house — very similar to mine — 1950.

            We have a few tile places here in Cincinnati. I have not had much luck with them finding matches for my vintage. I guess the stock they carry is always changing. I could try again.

            Thanks. Buffy

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