1964 pink Jacuzzi — New Old Stock, still in the box

Pink-Jacuzzi-retroHoly moly — look at this handsome 48 year old that we spotted on Ebay this week. A 1964 Jacuzzi — New Old Stock (NOS) — never used and still wrapped up tight in the original box. And yes, it’s: Pink! What are the odds of seeing another pristine pink Jacuzzi like this? Slim to none methinks.

Pam interjects: Whoever buys this one, be sure to have the wiring/actual usability, etc. checked out by a properly licensed professional — especially since this electrified beauty is meant to sit in water. Duh! Unless, of course, it’s goin’ on our museum shelf — which is where it would go if I bought it. I sure am tempted!


Ebay seller collectcachekindly gave us permission to feature these photos for our growing collection of mid century woddities. Here’s what the seller description says:

Where else are you going to get one? A 1964 Pink Jacuzzi Unused in the original packaging. If you want one, this is the one to want!

From an Estate!  Packaged in 1964 this Model J300B Jacuzzi has never been used, never been out the original packaging until I took the pictures the other day. The cord is still as coiled originally with the plastic wrap.  I have not plugged it in. I took it out to photograph and put it right back in the box.

In a followup email, we received additional info:

It was a part of an estate that I purchased. The … best part of the Estate were the 20 or so bottles of Scotch that had not been opened from the 50’s that were gifts to the owner, I drank them all one winter. The family had stuff going back several hundred years. It was a great estate for me to work on, the Jacuzzi was part of the last load that I just purchased. I run an Antique Shop called Antyke, 1185 Danielson Pike, Rt. 6 in Scituate, RI. I do a lot of industrial and salvage pieces, letterpress printing antiques etc..

1964 Pink Jacuzzi — NOS — for sale: (ebay listing now gone)

NOS-retro-Jacuzzi-in-boxThere is a starting price of $0.99.

Retro-NOS-jacuzziAn interesting tidbit of history on the Jacuzzi from Wikipedia:

In 1948, brother Candido Jacuzzi used the company’s expertise in pumps to develop a submersible bathtub pump for his son, Kenneth, who had developed rheumatoid arthritis in 1943, at the age of 15 months and suffered from chronic pain. The boy received regular hydrotherapy treatments at local hospitals, but Candido could not stand to see his son suffering between visits. He realized that their agricultural water pumps could be adapted to give his son soothing whirlpool treatments in the tub at home. Kenneth Jacuzzi eventually took charge of the company.

In 1955, the firm decided to market the pump, dubbed “J-300”, as a therapeutic aid, selling it in bath supply shops. To generate a little publicity for the unknown product, portable Jacuzzis were included in the gifts given to contestants on TV’s Queen for a Day. It was pitched as relief for the worn out housewife.



Retro-Jacuzzi-in-original-boxA huge thanks goes out to Ebay seller collectcache — thanks so much for letting us feature their photos of this woddity.

  1. Wes Homer says:

    In case anyone is curious or wonders what ever happened to this little Jacuzzi gem, I was the eBay buyer. I did purchase this exact unit in the pictures as a gift for my boss and his wife, the proud owners of Jacuzzi of Jacksonville and Valley Pools & Spas. They are wonderful people and sell the Jacuzzi Premium Spa line. This J300 pump remains on display under glass in the showroom exactly where it belongs. Thanks for sharing and no, it will never be for sale again.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Very cool! What a great gift and if/when I’m in Jacksonville, I’ll come take a peek! Thanks for sharing!

  2. drew p smith says:

    Is the Jacuzzi for sale? If so, it’s not apparent as to how to purchase it and for how much. Thanks for your reply, Drew

  3. Janet in CT says:

    What a great find and in PINK! Worn out housewives – what a way to promote it! Why is it they show women with washers and stoves and freezers, busy doing housewifey things, but the ads show men standing beside a luxury auto or enjoying his recliner! Yikes.

  4. tammyCA says:

    It’s really pretty…I think it would make a great conversation piece on display – too scary to think of using it! I didn’t know that Jacuzzi was the man’s actual name, I thought it was a made up name! I always think it is only people with unique names that get to invent things…what if Mr. Disney was a Smith…Smithland?

  5. Laurie V says:

    This first photo almost looks like it has a 3-prong plug. Did they have those in the 50s? Or am I just seeing things?

  6. Diane in CO says:

    That’s interesting that “It was pitched as relief for the worn out housewife.” How ’bout the 20 bottles of scotch – Mother’s Little Helper, haha!

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