Diane’s floor and Elaine’s backsplash — more projects from the NOS mosaic tile motherlode


Pam’s story on crazy, sexy, NOS vintage mosaic tile on Ebay inspired a lot of people to fancy up their bathroom floors and kitchen backsplashes. After our last story aired, two more readers showed us what they did with their share of this awesome vintage tile motherlode.


Reader Diane used some of the NOS vintage tile in her powder room renovation. She writes:

Well here in my ongoing powder room renovation, It started with the original owners being told to update the powder room by their realtor only to have us return it to the original style for the house, an mcm flat roof.

thifted-mirror-in-retro-bathroomThe tiles are from Mark, which were featured on the carousel, and I chose a pewter grout. The sconces are also from the carousel. The mirror was a $5 church sale find. We removed the frame because it was too small for the space and rebuilt  it using oak flooring left over from another project. We then glued bamboo plant stakes in a random fashion and coated it with gold sparkle spray paint. The hand towel under the light switch is a metal bracket from a sink inset with glass door knobs to hold the towels.

We still need to replace the light switches and also the sink when the money tree starts growing again — but we’re on our way!

Looks great Diane — and how fun that you also found your wall sconces on one of Pam’s Ebay carousels.

NOS-vintage-tile-backspash-in-kitchenReader Elaine also snagged some of the NOS vintage tile — which she used for her kitchen backsplash. Elaine writes:

The kitchen backsplash is just what I wanted. Seller was wonderful to work with too, and cut me a break because I bought twelve panels. They think of this as mosaic project material.


I got the tile mural on eBay from artontile, and I have since changed out the switch plates for ceramic shell and water bird design ones.


Wow — looks great Elaine. Your bowtie kitchen cabinet pulls are retro-tastic as well.

We’re just delighted to see all the projects you’ve completed with the NOS Ebay tiles — special thanks to Diane and Elaine for sharing their mosaic tile stories.

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  1. Elaine says:

    Pam, how exciting to see my kitchen here! Those tiles are just to die for. They really make the kitchen for me. The cupboards and the bowtie handles are original to the kitchen, as is the Formica countertop. The original backsplash was mostly the same Formica as the countertop, just a little to tame for me.

    Thank you for the wonderful surprises!

  2. Diane says:

    I know Tammy, at least they could of left the old fixutures in the garage and then we could of decided what to use or resale to someone else.I’ll need to list the sink on craigslist when we find one to replace it.

  3. tammyCA says:

    I wish Realtors would stop telling people to “update” in order to sell a house. All I ever think about is I wonder what the original looked like and it was probably in great shape to begin with. Because you know the sellers are gonna put in the cheapest stuff just to get the house sold.

  4. Beki says:

    Looks great ya’ll! I bought some tiles from this seller too to add to my hoar…uh, “stash”. I bought all of the 1 I wanted, but he said he had 3-4 more then what ebay had listed and he sent them to me for free! How awesome is that? I bought them before I saw it posted on here, so next time I find someone like this I will share.

  5. Sarah g says:

    Whaaaat?? A discount rate? I never even thought to ask of such things through eBay… I bought 40 panels of tile from that seller!

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