retro-groovy-toaster-woddityTake a crunchy bite o’ PEACE. Then a buttery bite o’ LOVE. What a wonderful way to start the day. Here’s a flower power find — reader Hannah tipped Pam off to this vintage toaster on Etsy — that spreads peace and love with every toasty bite. Seller Kristin has this little wonder listed in her shop KroweNYC and has graciously allowed us to share photos of this wonderful oddity with you. Thanks, Kristin!

retro-groovy-toasterKristin has even shared the interesting history her and this groovy toaster have together:

Retro-toaster-flower-powerI found this amazing toaster in Seattle when I was 13 years old. I decided that it would be perfect for my apartment that I got when I moved out at 16 (ha!) So, I began to collect things for my “adult apartment” that I would have one day.

Years later, when I went off to college, I took it with me, naturally. I made toast one day and low and behold, the center of my toast was not as dark…what??

So, I turned the knob all the way to “DARK” and what did I discover?? “PEACE & LOVE” ! Holy Moly!! This brave little toaster has been in my life for 20 years and is in perfect, beautiful, working condition (they don’t make em’ like they use to!)

Retro-flower-power-toaster-coverThe toaster even comes with a hand painted cover and a top insert to keep objects (like little kid fingers) from going inside when not in use.

flower-power-toasterIt is obvious that this toaster is totally rad — over the years Kristen has anthropomorphized it. She adds:

I will miss this little toaster, please be good to her. 🙂


Readers, you can buy this toaster on Kristen’s etsy site here.

Thanks so much, Kristen, for allowing us to share this with the readers of Retro Renovation and to capture forever and ever as part of our growing little museum of wonderful oddities from mid century America. And don’t worry — I’m sure whoever ends up with this cute little toaster will love her just as much as you do. Meanwhile, Pam reminds: Check the wiring of old appliances, peeples, with properly licensed professionals. Peace. Out.

  1. Greg McKinney says:

    We need to get this to “Peace and Love” Ringo Starr. He’d flip his wig over it.

  2. tammyCA says:

    That’s funny…I thought the Peace & Love was a photoshop thing. Now, do you think there is a ‘Jesus image’ toaster out there? 😉

    1. Annie B. says:

      You bet your sweet bippie there is! You have to put your toast under the broiler to make the magic really happen.

  3. Robin says:

    Now that’s a serious woddity – considering that the words only show up if you practically burn the toast. But hey, it DOES work. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere, just not sure what it is. Maybe . . .

    Industrialist Toaster Maker: “Hey hippies, I’ve got your peace and love right here – on burnt toast! How do you like that?!” (meniacal laugh)
    Hippies: “Hey man, we like it just fine. Pass the jam.”

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