“Love the House You’re In collages by Mel Kolstad” — the complete collection of 13

love-the-house-youre-in-october-2010-copyright-retro-renovation-comTo follow up on our kaffee klatsch with Mel Kolstad, I asked Kate if she could go into our archives and pull together all of Mel’s “Love the House You’re In” collages into one final collection page. Looks like we have a baker’s dozen — 13 collages in all, created starting around March 2010, with the final one published May 2011.


What a wonderful way to enter into the holiday weekend, don’t you think? Hey, on that note: Kate and I need to unplug completely from the matrix over the holiday or our heads will explode (well, mine, I shouldn’t speak for her). So at day’s end today, I will flip a switch and direct all comments for the next few days into moderation until we return Monday morning. Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone! Drive safe, and eat more pie!

Note as you are looking at these: (1) These are all custom collages representing readers of Retro Renovation and their houses — sometimes folks wanted their personal, family or pet photos included… (2) These are actually just 4″ x 4″ collages. The size of a bathroom tile. So you are likely seeing them enlarged on screen… and (3) We enlarge the scans for the blog because I want you to see the excruciating detail — Mel cuts out the itty bitty pieces by hand or with a punch and then applies them. *Some therapy,* as I like to say. Starting after the jump, we display the series as it was created — so we can see the progression of Mel’s work. For the lead photos, though, I show Mary Ellen’s house, featured October 2010 because it is my favorite *of the moment*.

Love-the-house-youre-in-amys-houseAmy — April 2010

love-the-house-youre-in-robinRobin — May 2010

love-the-house-youre-in-july-2010-retro-renovationLugine — June 2010

joe-anthony-bella-july-2010-love-the-house-youre-in1Joe, Anthony & Bella — July 2010

love-the-house-youre-in-collage-august-20101Carlos — August 2010

love-the-house-youre-in-collage-annie-b1Annie B — September 2010

love-the-house-youre-in-october-2010-copyright-retro-renovation-comMary Ellen — Oct. 2010 (repeat of lead photo.)

Looks like we did not publish one Nov. 2010.

susan-house-collage-feb-2011Susan — December 2010

collage-of-mid-century-blue-houseKara — January 2011

mid-century-modern-house-collageStacey — February 2011

retro-renovation-love-the-house-youre-in-collage-copyright1Amy — March 2011

stacy-collage1 Stacy — April 2011

love the house you're in collage Mel KolstadShelly — May 2011

I love these so. And ya know, I think it is really pretty cool how this random selection of reader houses — chosen monthly in a little contest — ended up showing quite the diversity of mid century modern — but mostly modest — housing styles. It might right be a pretty darn good approximation — statistically, even — of “what’s out there.”

xoxo, Mel!love the house you're in

  1. Blondie7 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Pam, Kate and Denise! Enjoy this wonderful holiday with your precious families! I miss visiting your phenomenal site everyday, I have been soooo busy! Take care! GOD BLESS always!


  2. Lauryn says:

    Okay, I have always adored these collages, for so many reasons, but I don’t think I realized until these last two posts that they were so tiny!! Oh my goodness, now I REALLY wish I had been one of the lucky winners. I cannot even fathom the amount of work it must be to do that kind of detail on such a small “canvas”. My husband and I love miniature artwork and have several gorgeous miniature paintings all around our house. Mel, you are an extremely talented (and apparently very dedicated artist) and we hope you continue to have heaps of wonderful blessings bestowed upon you and your career. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with the RR community!

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