14 fire pits with retro modern style — in a wide range of prices

modern-firebowls-LeadWhen reader Darryl emailed Pam looking for good sources for a wok-like fire bowl — the search was on. There are plenty of modern retro looking fire bowls in a variety of shapes and sizes out there — but they don’t always come cheap.

Hi Pam,

Big fan here…thank you for all you do! I’m looking for “wok-like” planters and fire bowls that are on posts elevating them from the ground. (Very George Jetson). I’m hoping that you would know a source.

Palm Springs, CA

Ok Darryl — after extensive internet research I’ve been able to find 14 “wok-like” fire bowls with George Jetson appeal — listed below from most to least expensive. Hopefully one of these is just the fire pit you’ve been searching for.

modern-metal-fire-bowlJohn T. Unger Studio — $1,500

modern-silver-fire-bowlStardust Modern Gandia Balasco Brasero Modern Outdoor Firepit — $1,120

modern-wavy-fire-bowlEtsy — The Fire Pit Gallery, Sand Dune Outdoor Modern Fire Pit — $1,060

mid-century-modern-outdoor-fire-pitOutdoor Living Showroom, Asia Fire Pit — $790

tri-pod-retro-firepitBackyard Firepits, Monterey Fire Pit — $649

modern-firebowl-wok-likeDesign Within Reach Fire Bowl — $495

modern-black-fire-bowlAll Modern, Skagerak Denmark Olympia Fire Pit — $415

Firebowl-on-feet-retro-modernEtsy, Fire Pits Atlanta 42 inch Fire Pit Industrial Duty — $400

atomic-retro-firepitEtsy, DeFelice Engineering Outdoor Firepit — $343

rounded-firebowl-modernAmazon, Fire Bowl with spark screen Orion — $323.12

modern-retro-fire-bowlAmazon, Esschert Design Fire Bowl Extra Large — $279.99

retro-modern-fire-bowl-mediumAll Modern, Real Flame Four Can Outdoor Fire Pit — $139.65


All Modern Halo Fire Pit — $61.36

cone-fireplaceAnother great retro mod option for the backyard fire pit is tracking down a vintage malm, preeway or other cone style fireplace for use on your patio as shown in the photo above from Pam’s story — 10 happy and affordable outdoor spaces. In fact, that’s exactly what I did this fall — see my vintage fireplace that will be living on my back patio this coming summer.

So there you have it — proof that you can find an appropriate retro inspired fire bowl for your backyard patio in any price range. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled at yard sales, estate sales and on Craigslist too — you could find just what you’ve been searching for at a reasonable price without having to fork over money for shipping.

  1. willow murawski says:

    before you invest in a firepit make sure they are permitted in your town. where i live you cannot have any firepit, even with a screen due to air pollution regulations. just because the stores in your town sell them does not make them legal.

  2. Elaine says:

    Just when I am looking for a firepit to put on a cement slab where a shed formerly blocked my view of the Indian River! What timing!

  3. Darryl says:

    Once again you’ve come through for your readers Pam! Thanks for such a great article. I really like the Stardust models. I’ll keep you posted on my progress and send you photos when the landscaping is complete. Darryl

  4. Nathan says:

    An FYI to anyone considering the Design Within Reach or Skagerak models – they are one in the same. We purchased the Skagerak several years ago (it was not as costly then!) and have enjoyed it very much. It is constructed of natural cast iron, which does eventually take on some patina/rust and might be something to consider. Otherwise, it’s a great size, nicely designed, and the built in handles make for easy moving and cleaning.

  5. Suzanne says:

    I would love to find one of those cone fire pits. I think they’re super cool. However, when my husband tore down the pidgeon coop that was rotting in the backyard, he found a big pile of red brick. I guess we’re going to have a red brick fire pit this summer.

    1. nina462 says:

      We made ours out of brick that was “found” in the lot we just bought. The lot was a neighborhood dumping ground for 30+ years – we had fun finding stuff that the housebuilders had thrown there (extra slate tiles, red bricks, concrete bricks, liquor bottles 🙂 )

  6. Barbara says:

    FYI, please be careful about placement of any firepit. Some friends of my family had a house fire caused from a firepit placed on a wooden deck. That being said, these are very cool.

  7. Ms. FMV says:

    We are currently having a local steel fabricator construct a custom design fire pit for our own. I worked with the fabricator to come up with the design… based on the works of Richard Serra and forms borrowed from origami bowls. The custom fire pit will cost around $450-$600. Not a bad price considering given the quality and fact that it will be a one of a kind. I’m super excited to see the completed piece in my yard. Should be just a couple of weeks now til it’s done! Having a custom design from a local artisan is something to consider. You will have a super unique item, support local business and likely save money over high-end designer alternatives.

  8. Thanks for this! As with all retro-modern things, most of them seem pretty pricey, but that All Modern version for $62 fits the bill perfectly. Might have to pick one up.

  9. Katie says:

    Alternately, if you have a good Asian grocery store in your area (or can order online, though shipping can be spendy) you can find 24 or 30 inch woks for around 50 bucks, although you’d still have to make a base, or find someone who can.

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