6 inch center tub shower valves

Many old homes seem to have had tub and shower valves and faucets on 6 inch centers. Today, the bathroom renovation and remodel market is penetrated with eight-inch centers. But, if you have this old style, I think we have verified a source where you can find replacement or repair parts. This research started with reader Sandi, who wrote:


I’m remodeling my newly purchased 1954 home, and trying to keep as much original as possible. We have a fabulous shower stall (pink and mint green tile!! LOVE IT!), but the pipes are no longer healthy. We are having to have the entire house repiped.

What I am looking for, is a 6 inch shower fixture “body,” the pipe that separates the hot and cold knobs. My plumber says that the standard is now 8 inch, and that it is impossible to find a 6 inch fixture. He wants to tear out the entire stall, which I am adamantly against.

I’m hoping you might have a lead for these 6 inch pipe fixtures?

Thank you for your time,


Where to get shower and tub valves on 6 inch centers: Locke Plumbing

A few years ago, a reader — Randall, as I recall — pointed us to Locke Plumbing as a source to find replacement parts for old, mainstream plumbing makes. Sure enough, I found what appear to be tub and shower valves and faucets to install 6 inches on center at Locke Plumbing. I emailed this info to Sandi… she replied that her plumber said none of these was right…but then, she emailed me again a few days later, saying:

I ended up emailing Locke, and they had THE PERFECT part!!!

Super happy! :DThanks again~

Note, I also emailed my contacts at deabath, they said they could not help with this one:

Hi Pam,

Price Pfister stopped making the last true 6″ center kitchen faucet about 15 years ago, as far as we know.  Some of the import single control (Delta clone) faucets had adjustable centers on them, either 6″ or 8″, but the deck plate wound up being too long for some applications. Nothing for the 6″ center tub showers, we rarely get asked.

So the answer to this one: GO TO LOCKE PLUMBING!

I’ve written about Locke Plumbing before — in our Bathrooms / Faucets category, where you can find lots of info about resources to replace or repair your bathroom faucets. 

  1. Mary F. says:

    We have the exact same Union Brass fixtures shown above in both baths of our 1961 house. We’ve also had to have the stems redone. I found replacement knobs at http://www.faucetpartsplus.com/. The stems came from Teeter’s (http://tetersfaucetparts.com/). I don’t know if Teter’s ships out of Dallas, TX but it’s worth a try.
    The first plumber I called took one look and wouldn’t even attempt to fix them. He recommended Levy and Son and they were great.

  2. Suzanne Bailey says:

    Unfortunately, I’m in need of a similar item. I have browsed the Locke Plumbing site for tub faucets on 6″ centers. Both of the ones that would fit hsve been discontinued. Web search isn’t turning up a suitable replacement, except for mobile home faucets… What now?

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