That ’70s party: Necklace-style drinking glasses

hippie-hands-free-party-glass-necklaces-retro-modThis one leaves us groping for words. How about: Oh, the ’70s. Thanks to reader Hannah — who found this wonderful oddity (aka woddity) — a pair of New Old Stock drinking glasses designed to wear like a necklace — for sale right now from Etsy seller JunkfullTreasures. These may be one of the most ridiculous inventions we have seen yet.




Like, man, we’re speechless. What do you have to say about these relics of the last days of disco?

  1. amy pie says:

    I went to (and gave) a lot of parties in the 70’s but I don’t remember ever seeing those! I think I need one!

  2. Vince says:

    What a great idea! In theory, anyway.
    In practice, I can picture a lot of people spilling their Harvey Wallbangers all over their brand new polyester shirts unless they tiptoe around!

  3. tammyCA says:

    Never saw them back then. Can just picture a commercial…”Do you ever wish you could just carry your drink around…well, now you can!” “Not just for party time…housewives love them, too!”

  4. Jay says:

    Late to the party! The comments had me guffawing. Just don’t remember this particular item from the 70s. cheers!

  5. George K. says:

    My mom bought one of these in the early ’70s. Never used it. She gave it to me. It’s in the original box. Maybe slightly earlier than this version based on the clothing of the models on the box. It has more of a basic tumbler shape with slightly concave sides, a think faux leather strap with a snap, and a gold chain. The strap always seemed a bit short for the snap to engage longterm.

  6. Mary Elizabeth says:

    This is one of your funniest series of posts. All I can say is that it beats the baseball cap that holds two beer cans with flexible straws!

  7. Nancy Stevenson says:

    You don’t want to wear it while you are dancing, and the glass has no pedestal… so you can’t set the glass down… That is why they flopped! The current models were made to enjoy wine, in a wine glass, while you shop and buy art, or wine, or seafood, etc. at all these festivals. You should also bring along your nice large shopping bag to put your purchases in, and you’re set! My friend makes these in leather, and also to hold beer or pop cans or bottles. In some situations they are fun and very helpful! :o) He actually sells quite a few as novelties, or gifts for wine lovers! Heck they would be great for fishing, camping, parties… anything!

  8. John says:

    Hilarious! I was born in 1959 so I remember the 1970s very well (and I still like a lot of things from the 1970s) but I don’t remember these weird booze glasses for dancing. Who sold them? Spencer’s? They sold a lot of silly useless things.

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