1960 countertop-height Hotpoint oven with hideaway fold-down electric range

counter top oven with fold down electric burnersMany thanks to reader Jason, who continues to hunt down and share all manner of awesome vintage stoves. Are you watching all the postings on our Facebook page? That’s where he posts them, real-time. This one is particularly special: It’s a 1960 Hotpoint oven that sits at counter top height — and tucked into its side, a fold-down electric range top.

Thanks to craigslist seller Nick for permission to archive these photos here. Yes, “archive”, because the unit has found a new home.


From the listing:

Counter top or cabinet top Hot Point oven with rare fold down 4 burner stove top. This oven stove combo from 1960 is in fantastic condition and would compliment any efficiency kitchen or vacation home with a “Retro” look. This conversation piece is clean, fully operational, includes all accessories, and has original paperwork with the 1960 retail price of $300. Standard 220 volt, 3 prong oven plug and cord included. Contact Nick Hoffman to view and to make offer. Location: Ft. Mitchell, Kentuck

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    1. Pam Kueber says:

      You’ll need to find one vintage. Be aware there can be hazard on old products like this — consult with a properly licensed professional to assess what you are dealing with, and consult with local building codes regarding installation and whether there are any issues there.

      1. Eileen Pereira says:

        Thanks Pam. Yes I am aware of the issues…if you should run across one of these, could you keep me in mind? Many thanks, Eileen

        PS: I have been looking but have not found one.

  1. Rick says:

    Does any company out there have the creativity to make a new countertop electric stove/oven combo appliance today?

  2. Jay says:

    Very Jetsonian looking! There’s no mistaking those GE/Hotpoint pushbutton burner controls. I wonder if it was designed for commercial / institutional use.

    1. Gracie says:

      I was thinking that it looked like something that Major Healy would have in his bachelor pad on I Dream of Jeannie! That whole space race time period is my favorite… it would have been nice to be a teen during that time instead of a 6 year old… 🙂

    1. lynda says:

      The compact range is neat and so is the Flair range listed in the estate sale. So much STUFF at the estate sale! I am in the non acquiring stage of my life. Fun to look at, but not tempted by any of the goodies! In fact I should be inspired to get rid of stuff after looking at all those possessions!

    2. Wes says:

      Vintage Frigidaire Flair Custom Imperial (Concord)

      Frigidaire Flair Custom Imperial:
      This unite is 50yrs old
      It has been restored. Everything works.
      Its in beautiful shape. My mother purchased it in 1962 used it for many years.
      I had it restored 1 yr ago for my wife then we moved and decided to sell it.

      Underneath the range is a storage area with ample space for lots of cookware, and the shelves in this area are very sturdy. This area, like this whole Flair, is very clean and ready to use!
      $1000.00 or best offer
      252 717 6286

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