Thermador-griddle-N-GrillIf you’re planning a retro remodel in your kitchen any time soon, this NOS 1964 Thermador Electric Griddle N Grill — currently for sale on ebay — may be just the perfect piece for your project. Originally salvaged from a custom cabinet store in New Jersey that was closing, this Griddle N Grill has seen absolutely no action or wear — and can be installed to cook up whatever you need, 1964 style.

Thermador-griddle-N-GrillFrom the Ebay listing:

This is “new never unused but stored many years. ” It has been stored in an attic since 1964 June. The original box was disposed of as it was falling apart. This originally came from a custom cabinet store in new jersey that went out of business. This is perfect for a garage, small apartment, basement, anywhere you do not want to hook up or run gas to but want to cook This comes with the unit — 2 removeable griddles — removable drip pan — deep tray.

Thermador-griddle-N-GrillAll parts are removeable for cleaning, including heating coils. Has a temperature control knob that goes from off, low 1-10 and high. Has a timer control knob that goes from 1-60 minutes (1 hour) (in one minute increments). Removeable cutting board for cleaning/ chopping/cutting.

Thermador-griddle-N-GrillThis should be installed by a professional I hot wired it to my kitchen outlet and it worked instantly (it is the very first time it’s been turned on) the light came on immediately, the heating coils heated up instantly, I tried the timer and that works. So everything is in working condition.

**NOTE, Precautionary Pam reminds: Even if it’s New Old Stock, you should get wiring checked by a properly licensed professional — wiring still may need to be replaced; and, check local building codes regarding installation — again, work with a pro.

Thermador-griddle-N-GrillThe listing continues:

I sent an email to the company and they confirmed this was mfg in the early 60’s and this one has the date of 5-64 on the warranty card (printed) Model no. TM21 — serial no. 366834. The back has the original labor union label on it but it is torn in half. What I can make out is (and if you use magnifier on the photo you can see this) labor — union AFL-CIO also a lot of other writing that I just can’t read because it’s so small. It also has 2 signatures on it and it would only be logic that they are “CEO’s-president(s)” of the labor union for that time.

Thermador-griddle-N-GrillThe measurements are: 24″ (2′) long x 22″ wide x 3″ high (deep) this unit is made to be set down inside a counter top. The cable is made to be wired as you would a cooktop . This item will be shipped ups ground. As i stated in “condition” it is new without box and was stored in an attic since june 1964. The cooktop and all cooking surfaces and elements are as new looking as can be. It still has all orig. Stickers on it. The top cover has surface scratches from cleaning and can be buffed with rubbing compound.

Thermador-griddle-N-GrillThanks to Ebay seller nettscosmopolitansales for allowing us to feature these photos.

  1. Ryan Z says:

    Hi, I purchased this griddle on eBay with the intention of installing it in my ’50 Spartan Mansion travel trailer. I ended up deciding to stay with the original gas range. I’m planning to re-sell it in case anyone’s interested. Paid over $500 to get it. You can contact me at zwicker dot ryan at yahoo

  2. RandiBGood says:

    Just wanted to submit an ebay listing on the Broyhill Premier Collection…Didn’t know it came in BLUE!!!

    This is the listing# 140995030053. Listed at $1500 or best offer, and is active for 10 more days!

    Just an FYI!

  3. Joe Felice says:

    Pretty-nifty device! It reminds me: Back in the ’50s, it seemed like EVERY home had a West Bend electric griddle (the one with the little glass receptacle at the end to collect the grease, which really was grease). When not in use, they were stored above the cabinets (“cupboards” back then), unless the soffit was enclosed. These griddles were so pervasive, they almost became a part of the design in MCM kitchens. I can still see my dad cooking pancakes on ours every Sunday morning, and am reminded how, one Sunday, while doing this, he set my sister on the counter top to watch (I guess), whereupon she fell and split her chin. So off to the base infirmary we went. Another design item of the day: scars on upper lips and chins. Again, seemed like everyone had one. It was a like a rite of passage that we had to earn back then. I “earned” mine sliding into homebase in the living room, which was the coffee table. Since we weren’t supposed to be running in the house, I got in a lot of trouble, especially since we had to interrupt my mom’s bridge game. And off to the same base infirmary we went. Fond memories for sure! Today, they’d probably sue the manufacturer of the coffee table for having sharp corners. Back them we never thought of any-such thing, and just accepted it as part of growing up. It’s how we learned back then. As far as I know every kid had to get burned by a stove burner in order to learn to believe his mom that they were HOT.

  4. Nancy Axmacher says:

    I remember my mom’s RotoBroil. Steaks on the rotisserie! When the RotoBroil finally broke, we were all very sad. Years later the Showtime came out I thought that they took the design off the RotoBroil.

  5. Janet in CT says:

    I loved this piece the minute I saw it but have to mention that it just isn’t practical. I am assuming it is 110V if he hot-wired it and those griddles just plain to not heat up hot enough to grill properly. To me even electric stove broilers don’t do a very good job. I think grilling really requires a super hot griddle or grill, or a barbecue or a propane grill. These remind me of the Farberware grill. I got one for a wedding present back in 1972 and it never really properly grilled a steak or chops. The other thing is that the coil under the grill grates is as usual getting drippings all over it as you cook. This is fine outside but smokes just like an outside grill and will set your smoke alarm off every time if used inside, not to mention smoking up your house something terrible. I see these Farberware grills for sale all the time looking brand new and that is why!

    1. KM says:

      Dude, I love my mom’s Farberware. You just have to use it for the right thing. One day I’ll steal it from her 😉

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