vintage-pink-bathroomPink-bathrooms-saved-counter1024Reader Shambie has always loved pink bathrooms. So when she was house hunting and found her 1964 ranch with a pink tiled-in tub, it was love at first sight. Shambie says she found bathrooms like hers in other homes she toured in the area — this bathroom style was a trademark of a local builder at the time. It’s so interesting to see the signature features that so-called “merchant builders” in mid-century America put into their designs. But wait, there’s more quirky pretty in Shambie’s pink bathroom. Read on –>

Shambie writes:


I grew up in Florida, with a pink bathroom with pink rose wallpaper. Is it weird that I can close my eyes and still see the rose pattern now that I’m a grandma?

My granddaughter LOVES the pink bathroom in my current home on the river (grew up on the ocean, but the you can have boats on the river).

vintage-pink-tubI hope these pictures do it justice. The tub is long enough to sit with your legs fully extended (and I’m almost 6′ tall!). The cabinets and tile counter are custom — they narrow at one end, and widen at the other. The drawers are cut on the angle.

retro-pink-bath-vanityThis bathroom was one of the major selling points for me, and apparently a trademark of one of the local builders in the area, as I saw this same tub in different colors in different houses during my search.

vintage-pink-toiletI wasn’t home that day, but my husband was when a woman showed up at the door and told him her father had the pink bathroom built just for her, and she wondered if we still had it. Apparently, she was thrilled, brought het husband in to see it, and took pictures.

I love it, and I know I’m home to stay every time I go in there. Thanks for saving the pink bathrooms,


Shambie with Barnacle, who likes to steal the tub toys when no one is looking.

Shambie, your pink bathroom is gorgeous — so glowy. That angled vanity is so fun — and functional — and really adds interest to the space. It is fantastic that the love of pink bathrooms is continuing through the generations in your family. Thank you for sharing your bathroom and story with all of us!


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  1. Jan says:

    My parents’ had a tiled-in tub much like this in the master bedroom of the California house we lived in from 1968 to 1971! I’d forgotten all about it!

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