Stending Non Stop sofa from Chicago Palmolive Playboy Building

mid century sofa circularWe are fascinated by large, unusual sofas and sectionals, so you bet we perked right up when we spotted this mid century Non Stop Sofa designed by Uli (Ueli?) Berger for Stendig. It’s currently for sale by ebay seller walterjmack, who kindly let us feature his photos. According to the listing, this 1960s (1972?) sofa is from the Palmolive aka “Playboy” building in Chicago. Nonstop sofas are made up of segments connected by zippers and pins that allow them to bend into many configurations — making them able to do fun tricks like a giant slinky. 

circular vintage-sofa

This couch can be curved in, as shown above, curved out, made into and “s” curve, and “l” curve or straightened out — making it both a versatile and unique piece of mid century furniture. Looks like it would be pretty comfortable too.

From the listing:

Uli Berger Non Stop Sofa by Stendig DS 600 1960’s
From the Palmolive or “Playboy Building” in Chicago
Color of leather is Rusty, Burnt Orange, & Cognac
Color of Felt is Dark Beige
Condition: Needs Restoration &/or Refinishing/Reupholsery

retro-circular-sofaMega thanks to ebay seller walterjmack for allowing us to feature this unique sofa. Here’s another one, in black.

  1. Jennifer Kepesh says:

    Wow! You’d obviously have to have the right kind of room for this, but it’s an amazing piece of furniture. In my opinion, it really stands the test of time–it looks modern today. I think the only thing that dates it is the color, and if you are reupholstering, that’s taken care of.

  2. Sandra says:

    And all I can think of is how much it would cost to re-upholster… Or how much trouble to vacuum behind.

    1. Dulcie says:

      my thinking was along the same lines. My first thought was that I’d be spending all day digging the dog’s tennis balls out from under that baby.

  3. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Oh, my! More like a giant caterpillar than a slinky. Does it come apart for moving? With this piece, you wouldn’t need any other seating in the room.

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