Jessica installs Karndean’s blue Michelangelo Mosaic vinyl tiles in her kitchen

Retro-blue-kitchen-floorReader Jessica and her husband Ernst were having problems finding a fitting floor for the kitchen in their 1949 modest home in California. Their list of desired floor features included durability, a dirt and fur camouflaging color and a style that was different from the stone-like tiles that couple found at most flooring showrooms. After looking for what seemed forever, Jessica and Ernst discovered our story about Karndean’s Michelangelo Mosaic 12″ vinyl tile squares in Adriatic Blue. Jessica admits she originally had her doubts about installing a blue floor — especially since she let her color challenged husband make the final decision — but now she is happily in love with her new blue kitchen floor.


Jessica’s comment on our original story:

I never came back and said if I like my blue kitchen floor. I LOVE IT!

It is so cheerful, looks retro, doesn’t show the dirt (to the point it can get quite dirty) doesn’t show dog hair, easy to clean, did I mention I love the blue? So glad I did my own thing and went with something different. There are a lot of things more important than kitchen floors, but it is fun if every morning your floor puts you in a good mood!

blue-vinyl-kitchen-floorI asked if Jessica and her husband tackled the installation, her reply:

We had someone install it. The old sub floor was in pretty bad shape. And we got the flooring at cost (nice to have a friend in the business) so we hired a pro to install. The only care it requires is a ph balanced cleaner like Bona.

blue-mosaic-vinyl-tileIt really was a crazy experience trying to find something different in the flooring department. Some stores looked at me like I was nuts for not wanting tile. I like tile, but h*** grout. And this little house is so cute and special, it needed something more “age appropriate” than tile. So blue floors it got!

Retro-blue-kitchen-floorOur pilfering pooch, Molly, looks guilty because she just ate half the roasted vegetables. Another great thing about these floors, I dropped a bottle of red wine from the counter top — it bounced — didn’t break! Can’t do that with tile!

Jessica, I think your floor looks fabulous — and as someone who also has a large furry dog who tracks in dirt, its easy care and “always clean” look sounds just dreamy. Thanks so much for sharing your flooring results with all of us. Here’s hoping Molly doesn’t try to sneak any more snacks without permission next time.

For the full story about Jessica and Ernst’s flooring search, read Jessica’s blog post Did June Cleaver have Tuscan floors?

  1. Mary says:

    Love your flooring and glad to see you are a golden retriever lover! The floor should be easy to keep those golden clumps off. Thanks for sharing

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