16 retro Christmas decorating All Stars — and a krampus

aqua-retro-christmas-treeIt took several hours to look through the 600+ reader photos in this year’s holiday decorations uploaderand narrow it down to the top 16 all-star displays. Readers — you really have the sparkle turned on this year. Note, the following All-Stars are not in a particular order, but we’ve numbered each photo to facilitate comments. #1, above: It was love at first sight with this mystery reader’s “everlasting Christmas tree” decor. All that lovely retro aqua furniture is highlighted and complemented by the white tree, decked out in green, blue and aqua — topped with a light up atomic starburst. Yowza. P.S. Is that Flintstones-stone WALLPAPER?! What a fantastic idea for an accent wall! 

orange-and-green-retro-tree#2, above: Just like the aqua room #1, April’s orange and green holiday display color coordinates with her everyday mid century modern decor. Just lovely.

retro-modern-christmas#3, above: Readers J, A, R & O kept their holiday decor at a minimum, but the shiny blue ornaments on their vintage aluminum tree play nicely with their retro modern blue couch. Another wonderful, yet minimal touch — hanging some ornaments off their brutalist wall sculpture on the fireplace. Well done.

retro-white-and-red-christmas-tree#4, above: Reader mamam’s display is also minimal, but the white tree with white lights seems to glow as if the whole thing were illuminated. To set off this wondrous sight, vidid splashes of red in the ornaments, tree skirt, pillow and table runner really tie the whole look together and make a warm, glowy and inviting display.

vintage-aluminum-tree#5, above: The classic red and green combination works nicely in Frank and Eunice’s California home. In fact, this photo would be hard to distinguish from shot taken in 1955.

vintage-tiki-tree#6, above: Evergreen trees aren’t usually found in tropical tiki environments, but somehow @OneMust’s limey green holiday display works. Upon closer inspection you’ll notice another non-tropical addition — the abominable snowman Bumble scaling the tree King Kong style — a humorous touch indeed.

retro-aluminum-tree#7, Above: Reader RetroCorning is all set for the holidays — in this shot alone I spy: an aluminum tree, color wheel, retro ornaments, putz house on the credenza.

1962-Evergleam#8, above: This mystery reader has put together a fantastic mid century modest display, with their 1962 Evergleam tree the centerpiece. I’d love to cozy up by the fire and sip some hot cocoa in this home.

vintage aluminum christmas tree white retro christmas tree#9, above: Proof yet again that fabulous Georgia Peachez rocks our world. She has multiple trees in her house, each dressed head to toe with gorgeous vintage ornaments and goodies. Somehow Georgia has managed to make her trees have the same “feel” and style as her famous vintage ornament wreaths — the calling card of a true artist.

retro-christmas-inside-and-out#10, above: Reader Fordman Kurt has quite the holiday display — indoors and out. The only thing that’s missing is a santa hat for his furry friend.

vintage-christmas-tree#11, above: It looks like reader Larissa — who is spending her very first Christmas in her 1954 ranch home this year — has a fantastic start on her vintage holiday display. Her vintage aluminum tree is just as sparkly as the chrome on her furniture and sputnik light.

retro-white-christmas-tree#12, above: Reader Anita’s retro looking white Christmas tree looks like it was freshly coated with snow. She’s even taken the extra care to choose gift wrap that matches her retro blue ornaments — and coordinates with her proudly displayed guitar collection.

aluminum-retro-christmas-trees#13, above: Most of the photos in the uploader are shot inside. But a few crafty readers gave us photos looking outside in. Reader Nathan gives us a neighborly view of his impressive and rare “silver forest” inside his living room. Nathan says there are six trees in total, and he finally has the room to display them all in his new home.

mid-century-christmas-tree#14, above: Reader Erica T.’s tree is fabulous — completely decorated to the nines and even matches the cute flowered drapery. Gotta love that vintage ceramic tree on her Broyhill Sculptra buffet and the Masketeers, too. No, those M.R.Not.Dux .

retro-fireplace-christmas#15, above: This reader has gotten really creative and filled her retro fireplace with a silver Santa collection. Let’s just hope the big guy doesn’t step on any when he shimmies down the fireplace stack.

kitschen-holiday-retro#16, above: Reader Karen shows that holiday decorating need not stop with the living room. This adorable “holiday kitschen” is one place I wouldn’t mind making Christmas cookies and drinking eggnog. Don’t you agree?

retro-krampus-ornament-wreathAnd because no post-uploader round up is complete without paying tribute to the strangest, funniest and most unique item — let’s turn the spotlight to this retro Krampus ornament wreath from a mystery reader. Good golly, this is a fun wreath. It may be disturbing to some, but it appeals greatly to my sense of humor. Did you make this yourself, mystery reader?

christmas-reader-collageAlso amazing were the great festive shots of you and your family and friends — both furry and otherwise. We couldn’t let these submissions go unnoticed, so Pam suggested a Kitschmas collage to thank everyone for visiting us now and throughout the year. We love you, dear readers. Mega thanks to everyone who participated in our holiday decorations uploader this year.

  1. Jen says:

    Wow, what wonderful Christmas decor! Gosh, they’re all so cheery. Just looking makes me smile (as I sit across from our own trees). They’re all so beautiful! And the Bumble scaling his tree is brilliant. 🙂

    My favourite part of Christmas now is decorating my home—so many of my decorations are heirlooms, ornaments that were given to me by my grandparents or graced their tree before Grandpa passed away last year and the kids & grandkids each took some home for their own trees.

    My grandparents even gave me an ornament before I was born—Grandpa wrote “To Baby-To-Be” on the back along with the date. It is so precious to me. It could probably be a bunch of glued-together Cheerios and I’d love it just as much, but is actually a pretty groovy-looking Santa with eyes that remind me of my grandmother’s (no, I’m not drinking). Special stuff, and I am sure others here have similarly beloved ornaments.

    Merry Christmas, everyone! And don’t forget, it’s completely acceptable to keep your Christmas beauty up ’til Twelfth Night. 🙂

  2. Cindy Friday Beeman says:

    Never heard the term Krampus before, so I looked it up and confirmed my guess. Always learn something new from Retro Renovation!

  3. Lori Tevis says:

    Hey thanks for the shout out for my Giant Santa. He makes us all laugh out loud as well. It’s a super cool piece. He was from a 1950’s Christmas store window display in Detroit, Michigan. I don’t know the name of the store. THANKS again and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!

  4. lynda says:

    I would say every single one looks like a picture from the past, which is a compliment. Lots of artistic retro renovators! Colors and details are just fabulous.

  5. Jan says:

    I love the first one – the colors are spectacular. But my MOST favorite is #12 – I LOVE aqua and she has done such a lovely job witih it. Feels VERY Christmasy!

  6. Stacey says:

    Amazing – how can these folks be so focused? So creative? So lucky in finding their retro stuff? April, Brian, JARO, Karen, Larrisa, all of you – so smart!

    My decorating scheme is very ADHD – a little of this and a little of that from whatever I happen to be interested in at the moment. Or, whatever I can afford. Or inherited from family.

    Last week, I saw a truck and trailer pull into the mini-mansion subdivision down the street. The name of the business was something like “Light All” or “Light Me Up” or something. The business installs outside Christmas lights for the well heeled but short on time (I guess). I scoffed that the idea at the time, but I’m thinking if one of the folks who sent in these wonderful pics would hire out their services to come to my house and decorate in the same style – why, I just might fork over a lot of money to pay for it!! I would love it, too!

  7. Karin says:

    These Christmas displays are all so beautiful and cheerful and creative. They are an inspiration. Thank you.

  8. PatCPatsy says:

    The shot taken from the outside could be of the house I grew up in (1960s-70′). We had the same windows and we had the aluminum tree (with color wheel!). Thanks for evoking such wonderful memories!

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