vintage-seagullsIt’s a small world — I literally bumped into reader Cindy (center) as I headed to shop in Northamptom this weekend. This is really kind of freaky, because that’s a half hour from her house and an hour from my house, and there are 6,497,967 people in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Cindy had been going to tag sales with friends. She picked up this trio of vintage seagull wall art for $5. I think you’d call them “in the danish modern style” – although it might be more true to say “popular 70s.” I think these are great for patios… I have a brassy seagull wall hanging, also a steal $, above our barbecue in the U-shaped patio at the front of our house. Well done, Cindy. See you at the James Taylor concert at Tanglewood in two weeks!

  1. Sean Boudreau says:

    Hi everyone,

    I just got a set of these wonderful Masketeer birds. And I’m wondering, what is the best way to mount them on the wall? They each have two small holes in back (the holes do not go all the way through the wood). I’m not familiar with mounting hardware so I’m not sure how the whole thing is suppose to work.

    Any advice greatly appreciated it!

    Thank you for these great posts, I’ve learned a lot.


  2. Keaton says:

    I have these same geese (or ducks, who knows). They are from the 60s – mine belonged to my grandparents; they bought them when they lived in their first house together, which they bought in 1963. There are pictures of them in that house with them hanging on the wall. Crazy that there are so many still around like them!

  3. Amy Dietz says:

    Love those ducks. This is the version I was taught. It’s meant to be a conversation between two hunters peering out from a blind, fairly inebriated:

    M R ducks.
    M R not.
    O S A R. C D E D B D wings? C D E D B D beaks?
    I L B. M R ducks!

  4. Lee Ann says:

    I have the Masketeers 1961 lion, with metal mane and tail!! purchased as a wedding gift from my mother’s aunts who lived in Wheeling WV, as a wedding gift for my parents wedding. I have a picture!

  5. Willa Jones says:

    If anyone knows where I can find the Masketeers bicycle clock, let me know. I have one but a friend is desperate for one.

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