2 places to buy machine-washable, cut-to-fit plush carpet for your bathroom

retro bathroom with carpet
Mom’s yellow bathroom circa 1977 — check out that shaggy yellow bathroom carpet!

Terri’s 1960s bathroom had non-descript 1980s ceramic floor tiles — so when making suggestions to brighten up the space, Pam suggested I search for machine-washable, cut-to-fit-, soft, cushy and comfortable wall-to-wall bathroom carpet. I found five places to buy this retro product. Hey: Keep it clean by machine washing often, and your toes (and blah floor tile) will thank you for it!

Note: Pam updated this story in December 2020.

To begin my research into wall-to-wall bathroom carpeting, I asked my Mom if she ever had any herself. She told me that in her and my Dad’s first house — a 1962 ranch that they purchased in the mid 70s — had bright yellow wall-to-wall carpeting and original 1962 fixtures. To make the space more groovy, she removed the original wallpaper and put up new white and yellow butterfly wallpaper. She also reminded me of my Nana’s bathroom in the 1972 ranch house they built that had mint green wall-to-wall bathroom carpet. Nana installed the wall-to-wall carpet in her bathroom because the builder accidentally put slick wall tiles on the floor — a mistake she initially thought would be ok — but later proved to be a dangerous fall hazard. Adding carpet was a quick and inexpensive way to remedy the situation.

While I know that there are many folks today who squinch their nose at the idea of carpet in the bathroom, it seems that most people who choose to install wall-to-wall bathroom carpet do so because:

  • They love the feel, comfort and livability of wall-to-wall carpeting
  • To make unheated, cold tile floors feel warmer
  • To cover up a damaged, unattractive or slippery when wet bathroom floor in an inexpensive and easy manner instead of spending more money or undergo construction to retile

Now of course you can’t just put any old kind of carpet in a bathroom. Bathrooms are high moisture areas and moisture is the enemy of carpet. Here are a few things I think you should consider when choosing wall-to-wall bathroom carpet:

  • Buy carpet specially made for bathrooms. This will likely be a 100% olefin material, or a water resistant nylon carpet.
  • Go for the wall-to-wall bathroom carpet that is machine washable. Note, you may need to take it to a laundromat with a bigger machine depending on the size of your room/carpet.
  • Choose low pile carpet. The lower the pile, the less carpet there is to soak up moisture.
  • Use a separate bath mat on top of wall to wall carpet near the tub or shower. This will help soak up excess water where it is most problematic and can easily be taken up to dry or be washed.
  • Keep it clean.
  • Replace often. Know that wall-to-wall bathroom carpet may not last as long as more permanent flooring choices in a wet space like the bathroom. Even if you are fastidious in your cleaning regimen, know that you will likely have to replace the carpet after four or five years.


cut to fit bath rugs1.  Townhouse Linens has 17 colors of Royale wall-to-wall bathroom carpet by Mohawk ranging from neutral to bright. They offer three sizes — 5’x6′, 5’x8′ and 6’x10. This carpet is advertised as being machine washable, fade and mildew resistant and made in the USA. Townhouse Linens also has two other types of wall-to-wall bathroom carpet — Elegance in 6 colors — and Madison Reflections in 9 colors — which are available in several colors and sizes, too.

I also found Mohawk on Amazon:


cut to fit bathroom carpet

2. Bed Bath and Beyond has 25 colors of Wamsutta cut to fit bath carpet 

Readers — have you ever had wall-to-wall carpet in your bathroom?

  1. Ariel P. says:

    I have had wall-to-wall bath carpet, in two different apartments, in the 1970s and 1980s. It is a hassle to wash, but it’s easy to remove and replace. I had nice, soft carpeting, not scratchy nylon, it washed and dried well. I had to cut it to fit around the toilet base, and it was a tight space. I did not cut it well, wasn’t able to measure it properly, but it didn’t matter. I got rid of it after a few years because I was tired of having to keep washing it. I did use separate mats on top of it, then just stayed with the mats–before the tub, and by the bowl, with a U-shaped cutout. Now I really need wall-to-wall bath carpet again, because tiles have been loose since the time I moved in decades ago, and they’ve popped out of the floor in many places. Needs a new floor and tiling, but they’re not fixing it so fast. I hope I can find the same type of carpeting I was able to get like half a century ago. Thank you for this article. Some of the stores mentioned are going out of business (J.C. Penney’s), but I’ll keep Googling.

  2. Cheryl says:

    I am looking to purchase some washable cut to fit bathroom carpet with a non skid rubber backing. Thinking about either a Burgundy or Navy color. Do you or anyone in your audience know of any stores that carry bathroom carpet in stock, on the shelf? I personally don’t like buying products on line. Old fashioned gal here. I would like to see it, feel it, & look it over to make sure the color is right and the quality is decent. Thanks in advance for any help/leads. Appreciated!

    1. ALLISON says:

      JC Penneys carries bath room carpet in their Ultim collectiona; maybe not in stock but you should be able to see the colors and quality of the other Ultima area rugs and mats.

      1. Linda says:

        I can’t get your color sample illustration to enlarge and they are tiny on my device, so I can’t discern amidst the blues on your website. Pity. Don’t know maybe you can email enlarged version?

  3. Vin says:

    Love ONLY washable carpeting in the bathroom! Non skid backing is a must as we have a child who is disabled. Finding one that we like has been a problem, so thank you for these choices. One question… you have one carpet that is pink and shows other color choices, it appears to be ‘sculpted’ (between 2 & 3 above). I’ve checked all the sites you give here, and haven’t found that carpet on them, am I missing something or is it perhaps no longer available? Thanks..Vin

    1. pam kueber says:

      Hi Vin, this post was written a few years ago so I suspect that if you can’t find it on the sites/sources linked to anymore that it has been discontinued. The one you are pointing to looks like Bed Bath Store, you could always reach out to them and ask… good luck.

  4. james votinelli says:

    looking for a carpet for my kitchen area whih is quite large but carpet must be washable?any links????

    1. Vin says:


      I found this link and it has some machine washable kitchen rugs in it that are at least 5 x 8 foot in size. I’m not sure what ‘quite large’ is nor what you meant by ‘washable’? (I only assumed you meant via washing machine). So… depending on the size of the area you want carpets, perhaps more than one ‘rug’ would be your best solution, as it needs to be small enough to fit at least into a commercial washing machine. I think they have 6 designs there, and give the links for them, Here is the link I found and I wish you good luck, hope this helped! 🙂

      1. pam kueber says:

        Yes, I think there are a lot of indoor/outdoor rugs right now made out of polypropylene and the like that can be taken outside and hosed down. Of course, check with the manufacturers for usage and care specifications.

  5. Eileen says:

    Yes, I love it for my very large bathroom. I use to buy it at Marlburn’s but they haven’t had it for over a year. I need another one but can’t find one. I only paid about 40 dollars for the 5 x 8.

    1. MARIE says:

      I am looking for a green bathroom carpet 6X10 had gotten from penny’s years ago but they don’t have that size now do you?

      1. Pam Kueber says:

        Eileen, we don’t sell anything here. Refer to the resources profiled in the stories — the bold brite blue text are clickable hotlinks

  6. Tiffani says:

    Great information! I am seeking bath carpet to cover an unsightly tile job in a recently purchased fixer-upper, until the remodel which is not in the near future. The issue is the bathroom floor measures 12L x 6W. JAG has a max of 5W. I had already checked them out. I will try the others listed above. If anyone knows of any other retailers please reply.
    Currently my options are order 2 pieces from JAG or go with the more expensive linoleum.

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