Timeless design toilet paper debate — over or under?

retro starburst toilet paper holderOoooooh, Kate just sent me a photo of her new, installed atomic starburst toilet paper holder — one of the last remaining stock from Rejuvenation’s current supplier. I thought it looked lovely but frankly, I found it very difficult to focus, as I was so OCD-alarmed that the toilet paper was hanging the wrong way. It needs to go OVER! Talk about a timeless design issue: What is your view on this  importante topic, dear readers? I invite you to vote and to comment, too.
results of toilet paper over or under poll
poll results of question should toilet paper hang over or under on roll

  1. Michelle says:

    I slightly squish/ push into both sides of my tp roll creating an oval in the cardboard center, before putting the on the dispenser. The inner ” ridges “stop the roll from unraveling too quickly to stop overzealous, kids, cats and mostly everyone from being too overzealous. And I can keep my top over configuration.

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