An Anne Taintor caption contest — with a Retro Renovation twist

A special (second) contest just for our blog!

anne taintor caption contestI am an epic fan of Anne Taintor. Is it because her captioned vintage illustrations are brilliantly ironic? Satiric? Subversive? Yes. Now, I’d like to encourage a group activity: Anne’s May caption contest involves an image I’ve seen in my vintage advertising hoard before. Since this image is so clearly about retro decorating — hows about we try to WIN the Anne Taintor caption contest — with captions that include the words Retro Renovation. In addition — with the help of the Taintor team — we’ll run our own, special finals for the Retro Renovation captions here on the blog and vote for a winner! 
anne taintor caption

How to enter:

  • Yes, dear readers: Here’s your opportunity to think of an ironic, satiric, subversive — or just plain humorous — or inspiring — or fun — caption that includes harkens to the blog — you must use the words Retro Renovation — but after that, it’s up to you. AND YES: We invite and encourage you to poke fun at us and the whole darn thing, if you wanna!
  • Then, jump over to Anne Taintor’s site and type in your entry:


  • Entries end May 31.
  • Our Terms of Use apply.

How you’ll win:

  • There are two competitions running in parallel. The first one is Anne Taintor’s regular caption contest <<– this is where you enter to win both or either contest(s). Anne and the Taintor team look at all entries. If someone is clever enough with their Retro Renovation caption, they could make Anne’s normal finals.
  • Second, we’ll run our own finals just for the Retro Renovation captions here. The Taintor team will send us all the Retro Renovation captioned entries… Kate and I will choose some finalists… the Taintor team will caption the finalists — yes, the finalist captions will be professionally Taintorized to be Taintoriffic! … we will post the finalists on the blog… and then, readers will vote for their favorite. The winner of our little Retro Renovation competition will receive an Anne Taintor gift pack, and I will throw in a prize, too.

What do you think? Enter! Enter!

Disclosure: Anne Taintor advertises on the blog. But this is not part of “the deal”. We are doing this because it is FUN!

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