Sexy 70s style sunken soaker bath tubs still available in 18 colors

Americh-Beverly-soaker-tub Kohler-70s-soaker-tub-redAfter we featured these sexy vintage 70s red Kohler soaker tubs spotted on craigslist, we received a hot tub… errr… hot tip from reader Elaine about where we can still buy tubs like this new today. Americh makes a style called “Beverly” that is available in a 40″ x 40″ x 32″ deep, circular soaker tub — and the kicker — it even comes in red — along with 17 other colors.


I found the color chart for the Americh Beverly 4040 tub on EveryBathTub.com, where it can be ordered as a basic soaker in premium colors, like red, for just under $1,900. That’s a lot of bubbles. So if you’re in the market and want to save some dough re me, it’s eagle eyes on Craigslist or your local ReStore to nab the vintage. That said, it’s also good to know that if the red 70s soaker tub of your dreams is not delivered upon you by the Retro Decorating Gods, there is a backup plan.

Mega thanks to reader Elaine for the tip.

  1. AmyS says:

    Just last night I was thinking of that red tub! It’s so neat there’s still a place to purchase it. That price VS. the absolute steal from the original article, yowzers! Weren’t there two red tubs in that house? What a house it was in general!=^_^*=

  2. ineffablespace says:

    If they only made sinks 🙁

    Skylight Blue was one of my favorite Kohler colors (one of the few recent ones that was actually a color), and they discontinued it in 2012. It would have been perfect in one of my bathrooms to have at least a matching colored sink and bathtub.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Have you checked our Bathrooms / Sinks category — we have a few resources for pastel colored sinks. I don’t recall if light blue was in there — it may be….

  3. Cynthia says:

    I agree with Sydney, the sea foam green looks aqua to me and it looks fantastic! Wonder how easy or hard these very deep, sunken tubs are to clean…I would imagine it’s difficult, probably you have to get down into it to scrub it. But very cool!

  4. Sydney says:

    And in aqua! I don’t have a place where it would fit into my current ranch, but just knowing it exists brightens up my day.

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