Enameled steel pegboard for kitchen pot racks — eight fun colors

steel-pegboard-potrack-colorsRecently, we sang the praises of using pegboard as a pot rack in vintage kitchens. Today — thanks to a tip from reader Kay — we’ve discovered  Wall Control, a company that manufactures and sells eight fun colors of enameled steel pegboard to use as pot racks, tool organizers, craft supply caddies and more. Wall Control’s enameled steel pegboards are 10 times more heavy duty than traditional pegboard, easy to clean and pretty darn affordable. As an added bonus, all of Wall Control’s products are made in one factory in Georgia, right here in the U.S.

Wall Control is an authentic ‘retro company’ — a multi-generational family business that began in 1968:

The story of Wall Control

Our story begins in 1968 in a small tool & die shop just outside Atlanta, Georgia. The first of three generations began his work building a family based U.S. manufacturer with little more than hard work and the American Dream. Over the past 45 years our patriarch has continued to grow and expand what was once a fledging tool & die shop into an award winning U.S. manufacturer of products ranging from automobile components to satellite panels and now, the best wall-mounted tool storage system available today, Wall Control.

Wall Control is a family owned and operated business that not only produces a high-quality American Made product but sees the entire design, production, and distribution process happen under their own roof in Tucker, Georgia. Under that same roof you’ll still find 3 generations of American Manufacturing hard at work to bring you the best tool storage products available today. We certainly take pride in our history and heritage and that is reflected in the quality products we work hard to bring you everyday.

The company sells enameled steel pegboard panels in a variety of sizes, pegboard kits for kitchens, craft rooms, garages and more as well as a variety of add-ons like shelves, hooks and containers to customize their enameled steel pegboards for any situation.

Wall Control steel pegboard installed in Kay’s kitchen. Thanks, Kay, it looks great — and soooo practical!

Kay writes:

I have a tiny galley kitchen with white Youngstown steel cabinets. I added a wall of enameled steel pegboard over my kitchen stove. It was like I added another cabinet. I have all my most used tools on it. It’s great to be able to reach up and grab a pair of tongs.

I used panels from Wall Control made in Georgia.

You can add little shelves, all kinds of neat accessories. I love how easy it is to clean. I was inspired by Julia, but I worried about cleaning regular peg board. I am very happy with my pegboard and it coordinates with my cabinets.

They were very easy to install because they are spaced to hit the studs. I plan to add another panel to my laundry room. I really love this stuff. It just wipes clean. It’s very handy.

steel-pegboard-potrackAbout Wall Control’s Steel Pegboard, from their catalog:

The Kitchen Pegboard Organizer Kit combines the simplicity style storage and organization system with the modern touches of a high-end kitchen by creating attractive wall mounted storage with strong and durable chic metal panels that will last a lifetime.

These panels are over 10 times stronger than conventional kitchen pegboard. Two 16in x 32in metal pegboard panels combine for a total kitchen storage area of 32in x 32in (over 7 Square Feet) of kitchen pegboard storage space and more kits or panels can always be added to create a larger storage area. The panels offer both slots and holes to accept modern chic slotted tool board accessories, as well as conventional 1/4-inch peg board hooks making this kit extremely versatile. Easily installs into studs or walls and installation in a matter of minutes. A built-in frame provides ample hook clearance and full access to all holes without requiring additional framework or using up pegboard holes for mounting.

Kit Includes:

  • (2) Combo Pegboards 32in x 16in
  • (18) Assorted Kitchen Tool Board Hooks
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Price $64.99

Shadow PegboardIf you are really a fan of Julia Child’s pegboard pot rack look, Wall Control offers a product called ‘shadow mark’ that can help you easily recreate Julia Child’s pot rack outlines. Shadow mark comes in rolls of black or white and appears to be some sort of vinyl, adhesive backed contact paper that you can use to trace the outlines of tools, cooking utensils or other objects, then adhere directly to the pegboard. Having these outlines helps easily identify where tools and cookware belong. The shadow mark easily wipes clean and can be removed from the pegboard easily with low heat. 15′ by 12.25″ rolls sell for $42.95 on the Wall Control website, though it seems like this product is temporarily out of stock.

steel-pegboard-craft-organizationI’ve always loved pegboard used as a pot rack in the kitchen — made famous by Julia Child — and I currently have pegboard in my garage helping me keep my small garden tools and doodads organized, but I had never though of using pegboard to organize my art and craft supplies. Wall control makes so many fun little shelves, bins, hooks and other add-ons for their pegboard that the possibilities for organization and storage are endless.

Mega thanks to reader Kay for the tip. We love the look of these colorful steel pegboards by Wall Control !

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  1. Ed says:

    Cool stuff. I’d want to put it on hinges so I can swing it out and clean behind it. Probably not a valid concern for a home environment, just something I’ve noticed dealing with this type of system in the manufacturing facilities where I’ve worked (dusty, sooty environment). Debris can seek refuge in the holes and slots, making cleaning difficult, but that experience usually only happens after the boards have been neglected for several months without a cleaning. Normal housekeeping routine (when you’re done cooking, for example, or even just once a week) should be more than enough to keep the “gunk” to a minimum.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Yes, I can imagine vapors congealing behind there that would then get stuck with dust. This is what happened to the old range hood in my prior kitchen. It was a glommy nightmare to keep clean — although, it was Right Above the stovetop.

      But likely less an issue the farther away from the stovetop you get…

  2. Allison says:

    I make vinyl decals as a ‘side’ business. Most online shops that carry vinyl sell 9×15 or 12×15″ sheets of vinyl for under a buck if you were wanting to make tool shadows. And in all sorts of colors other than black and white.

  3. Mary Elizabeth says:

    These are so cool–as art and as practical objects. The second best part of this story: “They were very easy to install because they are spaced to hit the studs.” Every maker of wall-mounted objects should have this in mind!

      1. Carolyn says:

        Ditto that, my 1968 deck house does not have the “usual” stud spacing. Though I will say if I had not done a tile backsplash I would have found a way to make the red one work in my kitchen somehow!

        1. Mary Elizabeth says:

          Thank you, Carolyn, for your comment, which led me to find out about Deck House and Acorn and the history of that company. Fascinating story.

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