tiki-statues-home-depotTiki-TuesdayTikis at the Home Depot! Reader Laurie spotted a variety of tiki decor at her local Home Depot — causing Pam and I to rush to our local stores in a frenzy to to try to snag some o’ this treasure for our own tiki hoards. We were eager to get our hands on those tall tikis, in partikiular.

Alas, neither one of us had any luck. It seems like these Home Depot tikis might be a regional offering not available to we long winter peoples. Since Laurie lives in the southwest, we are thinking shoppers in the south and perhaps southwest might have more luck locating these tikis in the stores?

tiki-masksIn addition to the tiki totems, Laurie found masks, ceramic planters and what appear to be luminaries in several colors.

tiki-luminariestiki-plantersSince I didn’t have any luck in my local store,  I tried looking at the Home Depot website, where I found several tikis, but all except one were ‘online only’ and currently out of stock. Cue sad (exotica) music.

easter-island-tiki-headIn fact, after looking at all of the tiki statues on Home Depot’s website, I noticed they only had one in stock, an ‘online only’  resin Easter Island head statue made by Emsco that comes in beige or grey and retails for $57.97. If you look through the customer reviews, you’ll notice that one person actually applied a dry brush, painted finish to one of the grey tiki heads that made it look even more like stone — a great idea to personalize mass market tiki goods.

wood-tikisHome Depot’s website didn’t seem to have the exact tiki statues, masks and planters that Laurie saw in her local Home Depot store. But I did notice most of the other tiki decor that Home Depot had on their website was made by the company Backyard X-Scapes, the coolest of which are the three 20″ tall wood carved tikis above (out of stock) that were priced at $69.97. Even Backyard X-Scapes’ website seems to be out of tikis for the season, though you can find grass matting, bamboo and many other tiki bar friendly decor.

The moral of the story here: If you are planning on making your own savage suburban paradises, keep your eyes peeled for tiki decor found in unexpected places.

Mega thanks to reader Laurie for sending us the tip and photos.

Readers, are these tikis at your HD?
If so — and if you don’t mind — can you ID your city? Thanks!

  1. Laurie Louise says:

    On a trip back to HD last weekend, I found that they had put out a few more styles and had sold a whole lot of everything. These puppies are popular! Is tiki going mainstream? At least for a few minutes? Thanks for sharing the find, Pam and Kate!

  2. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Making plans for my boring, all grass back yard. Am thinking about a little summer patio with water feature and fire pit to be completed next year. Will be watching for the tiki stuff, which would be perfect.

    And just to annoy my brother, who hates all things tiki bar, I’d like a grass-covered roof over it. 🙂 But that would be difficult with the fire pit.

  3. lisa in Seattle says:

    Another idea: visit a chainsaw carver. I doubt you’ll get as low a price as a resin statue from Home Depot, but it can be a custom piece all your own. A friend did this when he wanted something like a totem pole, but could not afford to buy actual art. He drew what he wanted, the chainsaw carver did a great job, and my friend added painted touches.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Yes, I agree — actual carvers are the best. But, it’s still good to have these options.

  4. Scott says:

    I don’t think I’d ever be expecting to find something like this at Home Depot, I guess you have to keep you eyes wide open, cool stuff can be lurking anywhere.

    And Laurie if you happen to see this, what kind of camera (phone?) did you use to get these super clear pictures?

  5. Brandy says:

    They have an awesome selection at Bakersfield, CA stores. Displayed nicely with some exotic plants. I’ve been waiting hoping they go on clearance 🙂

  6. Carole says:

    I’m curious whether or not anything is available here in Oregon. I’m betting not, but never say never.

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