Jute rope swag light kit — great for a home tiki bar

jute rope swag kitTiki-TuesdayLighting is one of the most important elements of the tiki bar — not only for the light that a fixture casts, but also for the look of the fixture itself. That’s why we love this jute rope swag lighting kit from Cost Plus World Market. The rope-covered cord can blend seamlessly with surrounding flotsam and jetsam, is highly customizable and inexpensive to boot. “Flotsam” and “jetsam” — how we love writing those words!

jute-swag-lightWorld Market also has several shades that would work well with this rope cord, or you could make your own fixture using found objects like glass floats, baskets, or vintage shades. While you could always attempt to make your own rope covered lamp cord, we like the UL certified and tested safety that this kit provides. The jute rope light kit also comes with a plug on one end, making it easy to ‘install’ by simply plugging into a nearby outlet. We think you could probably also direct wire the cord kit, but make sure to consult a properly licensed professional.

capiz-pendantAnother option — instead of using a shade with the jute rope lamp cord, try a shimmery capiz shell lantern fixture. The reflective capiz shells add movement, interest and a hint of the ocean to an otherwise land locked tiki bar.

  1. Shari says:

    I own the capize shell lampshade already, and I’m excited to see there is now this great rope covered cord kit! Thanks!

  2. Scott says:

    I think one of my favorite things about RR is not just finding out where to get a particular thing, but finding out that a thing I didn’t even know about is out there to get.

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