Vintage Leviton Tiki theme bamboo and thatch outlet covers

tiki outlet coversI’ve been in a tiki-hoarding mood lately, so when I happened to find a huge stash of vintage Leviton bamboo, tiki themed switch plate and outlet covers (affiliate link) on ebay, I had to snap some up for my own future tiki bar. At between about $4 and $8 each depending on size and quantity purchased, these decorative brass outlet covers are a deal.

They can be purchased singly, or in sets of five or 50. The seller has outlet covers and single or double gang light switch plates available. It seems like the ebay seller got their hands on quite a stash, so thankfully there’s plenty to go around.

tiki outlet coversWithout knowing how many outlets and lightswitches my future tiki bar will have, I decided on a five pack of outlet covers and two, double gang switch plates would be sufficient to add to my hoard. Thinking Pam might also be interested, I sent her the link. Sure enough, she bought a bunch too. We both got our packages quickly, on the same day and agree — these are some nice outlet covers.

tiki outlet coversIn a room like a tiki bar where you are trying create the illusion of being transported to a distant place — the little details can make or break the room. These Leviton bamboo and thatch outlet covers will help everyday wall receptacles blend in with the tiki theme instead of screaming “here’s where you plug in the lamp!” Their design is wonderfully executed and the aged brass finish provides a wonderful patina that will feel right at home amongst jetsam and flotsam.

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  1. Sheryl says:

    I *love* these! I found some at my local Habitat Restore a couple of years ago and have been searching for more ever since. I am so sad, though, that they seem not to have made a single-switch switch plate.

    1. Sheryl says:

      Ok; should have clicked the link first, where I would have found the single-switch plates I’ve been searching for! Thanks!

  2. Jay says:

    Nothing like NOS! Just look at the quality and the detail – they appear to be of substantial weight. Any copyright date? They look like to be from the 70s. Would be at home in a room with grasscloth wallpaper and asian inspired furnishings.

    *** can we have a Pam-O-Gram update on your well being and recovery?****

  3. midmichigan says:

    OK, you guys threw me off there for a second. I saw the date stamp and then the “Tiki Tuesday” logo and thought I’d missed a day. That happens to me now and then. Sheesh. Cool post BTW.

  4. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Those are lovely, Kate! They will be perfect for a basement playroom/rec room complete with tiki bar. I can envision the switch plates beginning at the top of the stairs to set the mood. Cool beans, as they say here in farm country.

    1. pam kueber says:

      kate found these and i am so glad she did — i have stocked up and may install them even before i get mt real tiki bar going.

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