pegboard-room-dividerHere at Retro Renovation, you know we love pegboard for its appropriateness, versatility, affordability, humility and utility in kitchens — but how about as a decorative feature in other rooms?

Pam spotted Facebook follower Dennis’ original 1954 pegboard room divider,and we love it! We asked if it originally had this colorful paint job, but Dennis says it previously was completely turquoise. He and his wife felt it was in need of a pick-me-up paint job, so they painted it with this bold, Mondrian color scheme. Looks great — and it would be super easy and affordable to make one of these yourself — for stairways, check your local building codes for safety advice.

Thanks, Dennis, for letting us share this!

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  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Dennis and Carrie Jo, you have great taste and a very nice home, what little we can see of it. How about sending Pam some photos of the pink bathtub and how you decorated around it?

    I totally agree about controlling the paint while painting pegboard. When I did it, I kept a jar full of dry art brushes to pick up any drips that tried to get in the little holes. But the main thing is to use a light touch and use several coats, drying thoroughly in between, rather than try to cover with one coat. It’s the same technique you’d use for fussy woodwork.

    And Dennis, I agree that pegboard is not an outdoor material. For outdoor panels, I would use exterior grade plywood, There are also fiberglass panels in bright colors that were used in midcentury exteriors. No idea where you could get that now, other than haunting the garage and estate sales in an old neighborhood.

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